UEFA Champions League Betting Analysis: Updated Liverpool Odds

UEFA Champions League Betting Analysis: Updated Liverpool Odds

English Premier League squad Liverpool upset rival Manchester City 3-2 on April 16 in an FA Semifinal match. Pool will play Chelsea in the FA Cup Final. Although the Reds will be happy if they win the FA Cup, the real goal is a Champions League title. Liverpool is a +125 co-favorite with Man City to win the Champions League. Check out a Champions League odds analysis, reasons Liverpool will take the CL this season, reasons they won’t, and a prediction.

Liverpool’s Odds to Win the 2022 UEFA Champions League | Soccer Betting

2022 UEFA Champions League Title Match

  • When: Saturday, May 28, 2022
  • Where: Stade de France, Saint Denis, France

Champions League Liverpool Odds to Win & Odds Analysis

  • Liverpool +125

Along with the Sky Blues, the Reds are favorites to win the Champions League. The odds on Pool are the same as the odds on Manchester City. 

Although it’s rare to say the chalk offers overlay odds, in this case it’s true. Liverpool must only play Villareal on the aggregate to advance to the May 28 title match. 

Pool should have no trouble beating the LaLiga team in a couple of matches. Villareal could grab the win in a single match, the one on Villa’s pitch, but in 2 matches, Liverpool will prevail.

So the Reds have an easy road to the title game. Liverpool matches up well with both Real Madrid and Man City, which is why at +125, they’re worth a look for sure. 

Why Liverpool will win the 2022 UEFA Champions League title

Pool not only has an easy road to the final, but when they get there, they are likely to face a team they’re very familiar with, Manchester City. The Reds and Sky Blues have battled twice in the span of two weeks.

The first match, an EPL game, happened at Etihad Stadium on City’s pitch. Liverpool rallied for a 2-2 draw. The second match, the aforementioned FA Cup, happened at Wembley Stadium. Liverpool beat Manchester City 3-2.

If Liverpool takes on Real Madrid, their chances of winning the trophy become better. Pool should have no trouble marking Karim Benzema. Benzema has become Real’s top scorer. 

As Benzema goes, so goes Real. So expect Pool to win the title match should they face Benzema and Real.

Why Liverpool won’t win the 2022 UEFA Champions League title

The Reds sure looked great taking it to the Sky Blues in the last head-to-head. But before Liverpool fans get overly excited, it’s important to point out that Ederson didn’t step into goal for Manchester City.

Ederson is one of the top keepers in the world. Man City’s second string goalkeeper, Zac Steffen, isn’t nearly as effective. 

Not only that, but Steffen made a serious mistake in the FA Cup Semifinal match. So there’s no telling if Pool will beat the Sky Blues in the Champions League Finals.

If it comes to Real Madrid versus Liverpool, the Reds may not be as big of a chalk as so many believe. Carlo Ancelotti, Real’s coach, is one of the greatest of all time. He’ll have a strategy that prevents Pool from running away with the match. 

Liverpool Prediction – Champions League title match appearance for sure, but will Pool beat City?

Liverpool isn’t a lock to win the title. But like what we wrote above, the odds on Pool make them an overlay.

Sure, Liverpool only beat Man City 3-2 and Steffen provided the mistake that led to Pool’s second goal. But we shouldn’t look past how well the Reds played to win the FA Cup Semifinal.

We definitely shouldn’t look past how well Liverpool played at Etihad when they rallied not once but twice to draw even with City. Overall, the other three teams have zero advantages over Liverpool while Liverpool, no doubt, is playing better than their three competitors.

Based on the odds, Pool’s form, and the fact they bested Manchester City in the last head-to-head, the Reds offer the fairest odds and are the best play to win it all. 

Liverpool CL Prediction: Champions League title winners


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