Early 2020-21 LaLiga Championship Odds Analysis

Early 2020-21 LaLiga Championship Odds Analysis

Written by on January 14, 2021

The current LaLiga Spanish Primera Division season doesn’t end until May 23. But although there is plenty of soccer yet to be played, a team has emerged as a strong favorite to lift the trophy. Check out more information on Atletico Madrid as well an assessment of whether Real or Barca could catch the chalk. Let’s jump right into action so you can plan your bets and place them against their LaLiga odds.

Early LaLiga Champion Odds to Win: Atletico an Underlay Favorite

2020-2021 LaLiga Season

  • When: Sep 12, 2020 – May 23, 2021

2020-2021 LaLiga Championship Odds

  • Barcelona +800
  • Real Madrid +160
  • Atletico Madrid -140
  • Sevilla +3300
  • Valencia +150000
  • Villareal +15000
  • Getafe +100000
  • Real Sociedad +8000
  • Athletic Bilbao +100000
  • Real Betis +100000
  • Celta Vigo +50000
  • Granada +75000
  • Osasuna +250000
  • Eibar +250000
  • Levante +200000
  • Valladolid +450000
  • CD Alaves +250000
  • Cadiz +200000
  • Huesca +450000

Why does Atletico offer underlay odds to win the LaLiga title?

Atletico leads the Primera Division with 41 points. AM has a single league loss. Not only that, but the team appears ready for a massive run. 

Yes, four points doesn’t seem like a lot, but the top team in La Liga battles Real Madrid and Barcelona one more time this season. If Atletico doesn’t lose both, and beats every other Primera Division rival, the four point lead they’ve got over Real becomes a chasm.

It makes sense why soccer handicappers have bet Atletico down to under even money to win the title. Still, at -140, there’s too much soccer left to play to jump on the chalk. Anything can happen and in the past couple of weeks both Barcelona and Real Madrid have surged.  

Assess Real Madrid’s chances to win the championship at second-choice odds?

At times, Real has looked brilliant like when they beat Atletico 2-0 on Dec. 12. But at other times, the second place team has appeared unenthused about being on the pitch.

Draws to overmatched squads like Elche and Osasuna have hurt Real Madrid. If the season ended today, neither Elche nor Osasuna would call the Primera Division home next season. Both are in the bottom three, which means they’d relegate to the Segundo Division.

Why is Real Madrid drawing with teams they should beat by at least 2 goals? Your guess is as good as ours.

Even though we have lost faith in Real,  with more consistency they have a decent shot to catch Atletico before May 23. Real Madrid is a better bet than Atletico, especially because they beat Atletico in the first head-to-head. But were not making them the top play. 

Does Messi and Barcelona have a shot to win the 2020-2021 LaLiga title?

At +800 odds, Barcelona is the best bet on the board. It’s taken Messi and his mates to put it all together. Based on their last Primera Division victory, a 4-0 win against Granada, the day has arrived.

Barca has a much steeper hill to claim than Real Madrid. The more difficult path to the title is reflected in the odds, though. Also, there’s a chance Barca acquires Sergio Aguero from Manchester City.

Messi and Aguero have played together for years as teammates on Argentina’s national team. If Barcelona gets Aguero, their fair odds immediately drop from +700 to around +500. There’s enough soccer left on the schedule for Barca to make a move and if it happens, the Messi-Aguero tandem becomes arguably the best in La Liga. 

Is Sevilla a real contender to beat Barca, Atletico, and Real?

We want to say “yes” but Sevilla is 11 points behind Atletico. More importantly? The first place team dominated Sevilla 2-0 on January 12.

If Atletico breaks down, Real Madrid or Barcelona will be in a great position to overtake the chalk. Sevilla must hope that Atletico, Real, and Barca have an awful second half of the La Liga season. That’s not likely to happen.

Sevilla is the best play after the top three. But in these cases, more likely than not, teams like Sevilla start to concentrate on outside league tournaments instead of spending so much time trying to catch a team that has a such a big lead over them.                

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