2023-2024 Serie A Odds to Win Next Season & Early Picks

2023-2024 Serie A Odds to Win Next Season & Early Picks

Like with our LaLiga to win next season blog, we’re predicting odds for teams in Serie A. Official odds should land some time in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, check out our predicted odds as well as early picks.

Check out our predicted Serie A betting odds, early picks, and then use our info and your handicapping skills to find next soccer season’s Italian winner.


Italian Serie A Odds to Win Next Season & Early Picks | MyBookie Soccer Betting Preview

Italian Serie A: August 20, 2023 – May 26, 2024


To Win: Internazionale +350

Inter still has a match to play this season. On June 10, the Serie A squad takes on Manchester City in the Champions League Final.

No doubt, Inter will enter the offseason the chalk to win Serie A in 2023-2024. The reason to back the favorite is because this past season was supposed to be a rebuild for the Champions League title contender.

Instead of a rebuild, Inter tore it up in the Champions League while fumbling away a chance to beat Napoli in Serie A. No problem. One of the best run soccer franchises in the world will be  back on top in the 2023-2024 soccer season. 

To Win Pick: Internazionale +350 | Bet Inter to Win
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Second Place: Juventus +450

Juventus head coach and manager Maximiliano Allegri didn’t get the most he could out of Juventus. However, Juve, like Barca, Real, Man City, and Bayern, always looks to improve.

We should expect Juventus to sign one or two players to help Allegri put together the stingiest D in Serie A, Allegri’s best teams often field lock down defenders, or a striking star.

Either way, the 2023-2024 season should be a bounce back one for Juventus.

Second Place Pick: Juventus +450 | Bet Juventus to Win
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Third Place: Napoli +400

This season, Napoli ran away with the Serie A title. Most seasons, Napoli is a contender. But this season, the Napoleons will struggle to get into the top four.

Why? Our prediction is that the man who led Napoli to their Serie A title, Victor Osimhen, ends up in Liverpool, Madrid playing for Real, or in Munich throwing down for Bayern. Without Osimhen, Napoli won’t keep up with Inter or Juve.

Third Place Pick: Napoli +400 | Bet Napoli to Win
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Top Underdog Pick: AS Roma +1200

The Europa League runner-up this season should improve off a disappointing Serie A performance. AS Roma skipper Jose Mourinho feels Sevilla got all the calls from the Spanish referee in the Europa League title match loss.

Mourinho and Roma’s owners are going to make it their mission to win a tournament or league title this upcoming season, meaning Roma will spend some money to transfer top talent.

Among the top UEFA leagues, Serie A is the deepest. So, for sure, Roma has a shot to take it to Inter, AC Milan, Juve, and Napoli. 

Top Underdog Pick: AS Roma +1200 | Bet AS Roma to Win
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2023-2024 Serie A Season Predicted Odds

It should be difficult for a team other than the ones listed below to win the Serie A title this season. Check out the predicted odds for the nine teams with the best chances of lifting the Serie A hardware.

Internazionale +350
Napoli +400
Juventus +450
AC Milan +550
Lazio +850
Atalanta +1000
AS Roma +1200
Fiorentina +1500
Torino +3000

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