UEFA Champions League Betting Analysis: Best Round of 16 Games to Wager On

UEFA Champions League Betting Analysis: Best Round of 16 Games to Wager On

After a brief interlude called the 2022 Qatar World Cup, soccer clubs go back at it in their quest for the 2022-2023 Champions League Trophy. Recently, UEFA drew for Round of 16 knockout stage matchups. First leg contests happen in February. In March, teams play the second leg of their aggregates. Check out a matchup rundown of this season’s eight quarter-finals UCL matchups so you can get ready to bet against their UEFA Champions League Odds

2022-23 UEFA Champions League Quarter-Finals: Matchups Rundown

UEFA Champions League – Round of 16 

  • When: February, 14-15 & 21-22 – March 7-8 & 14-15

Best Matchup: Paris Saint-Germain vs Bayern Munich

There’s a debate that Liverpool versus Real Madrid will be a better aggregate but Pool has struggled at times and Real, even though they’re the defending champions, hasn’t impressed as much as Bayern.

Paris Saint-Germain is loaded. Mbappe may want out, but he’s not playing like he does. Messi has found his role and the rest of the players follow Mbappe’s and Messi’s lead. 

Bayern has slowly returned to dominance. Sadio Mane has become copasetic with his mates. Thomas Muller, Jamal Musiala, Leroy Sane and the rest are the reasons Bayern is the chalk over PSG.

Second Best Matchup: Liverpool vs Real Madrid

The good news if you’re a Liverpool fan is that the team appears to have turned around their form. Pool struggled earlier in the season.

But since a 1-2 loss to Leeds on Oct. 29, Liverpool has played great soccer. The Reds beat then scorching Napoli 2-0, rival Tottenham 2-1, and Southampton 3-1 in their Nov. 12 Premier League match.

But as well as Pool is playing, the Reds will struggle to get by the greatest team in Champions League history. Carlo Ancelotti’s squad is as talented as they were last season when they beat the Reds in the title contest. 

El Blanco should win the aggregate. Liverpool must play even better than they have been to have any shot. 

Third Best Matchup: Dortmund vs Chelsea

Neither team is dominating. Chelsea entered their latest Premier match an underdog against Newcastle. The oddsmakers had it right because the Blues lost.

Gladbach beat Dortmund 4-2 in the German Bundesliga team’s last. Neither the Blues nor Dortmund should win the Champions League.

But that doesn’t mean this won’t be a great, competitive, awesome matchup. These two are similar in a lot of ways, which means we should expect excellent soccer. 

Best of the Rest

  1. AC Milan vs Tottenham Hotspur

Milan versus Tottenham has the same drama as Dortmund against Chelsea. Tottenham will have the edge, but at times, the Hotspur play well below their talent level.  

  1. RB Leipzig vs Manchester City

Leipzig has played great soccer. However, RBL’s victories have happened against Bundesliga opponents. The win against Real doesn’t matter much because El Blanco had already secured a knockout stage victory. 

Heading into the World Cup hiatus, Manchester City is 5 points behind Arsenal for first place in the Premier. It took some time for Erline Haaland and his mates to get on the same page. But now that everyone is playing together, the Sky Blues should rock Leipzig. 

  1. Inter Milan vs Porto

Neither team has the talent to win the Champions League. One thing to note about this matchup is that Porto, historically, has had some surprise runs. Inter often bombs at this stage. 

  1. Eintracht Frankfurt vs Napoli

Frankfurt, the 2021 Europa League winner, is up against it versus strong Napoli. Napoli had won 13 straight before losing to Liverpool in their last group stage Champions League match. The Serie A squad has the talent to win the CL trophy. 

  1. Clube Brugge vs Benfica

Club Brugge is happy to have moved to the knockout stage. Benfica should dominate. But once Benfica makes it to the final eight, things should get tougher. 


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