Top 2015 NCAA Football Odds Playoff Busting Teams

Top 2015 NCAA Football Odds Playoff Busting Teams

Written by on October 28, 2015

There are four mid-major teams that are ranked and undefeated this season believe it or not fans – and it will be interesting to see how they affect the College Football Playoff and the College Football Betting and lines. Three of them (Memphis, Temple and Houston) are in the American Athletic Conference, which means that the end of this season will see some paring in those ranks. However, it’s worth taking a look at these upstarts in the NCAA ranks.

Here are the Top 2015 NCAA Football Odds Playoff Busting Teams

Memphis Tigers

Memphis is probably the most exciting of the group to watch, averaging 46 points per contest, ranking them #4 in FBS. The first five weeks saw Memphis dispatch mostly easy competition, but then Week 7 saw Ole Miss (#13 at the time) come to Memphis and leave having taken a beating. Since Memphis beat Ole Miss, and Ole Miss has beaten both Alabama and Texas A&M, that means that Memphis would be a power in the SEC West, right?Week 11 features a showdown between Memphis and Houston. If both of those teams are undefeated at the time, and the winner ends up undefeated while the loser only has that one loss at the end, that team could crash the College Football Playoff. After all, if Memphis wins, they can say they beat Ole Miss and Houston.

Houston Cougars

If Houston wins, they could boast about their win over a team who knocked off the team that beat Alabama. Some of the major conferences would need big-time chaos, but given what happened out west in the Pac-12 this past weekend, with Utah and Cal falling, some of that chaos is possible. If Toledo wins out to go 11-0, they won’t have a resume that even approaches that of Houston or Memphis. However, Toledo has the most friendy schedule the rest of the way. Temple still has Notre Dame on their schedule, and while the Owls are more than a long shot to knock off the Irish, if they did, chaos could ensue their do.

Toledo Rockets

Toledo does have one impressive win on their schedule this year, as they beat Arkansas 16-12 when the Razorbacks still held the #18 ranking – winning at Arkansas. Temple routed Penn State in Week 1. The most intriguing player on any of these four teams is Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch, who has been rated by an anonymous scout as having “a chance to be big time,” according to He stands 6’7” but he has a surprising amount of athleticism and his accuracy is terrific.

Temple Owls

Temple, of course, almost lost to East Carolina this past week. However, Toledo rolled Umass, Houston undressed the University of Central Florida and Memphis took care of business against Tulsa. If these teams can keep winning and if some of the Power 5 conferences keep going through turmoil, don’t be surprised to see one of these teams in the conversation when the season comes to an end.