FIFA World Cup Betting Prediction Germany Odds Analysis and What they Need to Move to the Next Round

FIFA World Cup Betting Prediction: Germany Odds Analysis and What they Need to Move to the Next Round

Written by on April 20, 2022

Like in every World Cup, the Germans are one of the favorites to lift the trophy. Germany didn’t get the best luck, though, drawing into Group E along with Spain, New Zealand or Costa Rica, and Japan. Does Germany offer fair odds to win the World Cup? And does the soccer power have what it takes to move to the knockout stage? See below for Germany’s 2022 FIFA World Cup Betting Odds, reasons why the Germans will make it to the Round of 16, reasons they won’t, and a first round prediction. 

Germany Soccer Team Betting Analysis and their 2022 World Cup Odds | Soccer

2022 Qatar World Cup

  • When: Nov. 21 – Dec. 18

Germany Odds to Win World Cup and Move On to the Next Round

  • Germany +1100

It’s difficult to say the odds on Germany aren’t fair. Germany appears to have as much of a chance of winning the World Cup as more lower-priced favorites like England, Spain, and even France.

To put things into perspective, Italy failed to qualify for the World Cup, which means Germany is 1-of-7 teams that have won a World Cup in the past. England’s last World Cup victory was in 1966.

Argentina last won in 1986. Germany won in 2014. The Germans have a recency edge. At +1100, Deutschland is worth a look to win the hardware.  

Why Germany will move to the next round

Has Germany every not made it to the knockout stage? On the surface, Group E looks tough. But in reality, Germany should have no problem finishing no worse than second.

Even if Spain comes out firing, Germany will pick it up enough to beat Costa Rica or New Zealand, and Japan. Germany makes it to the second round.

Why Germany won’t move to the next round

Spain is shaping up as one of the teams to beat. The Spanish have gotten better and better. By the time the World Cup begins, the Spanish should have no trouble taking it to the rest of the teams in Group E.

If Spain dominates, Germany can’t make any mistakes or their World Cup dreams could end at the group stage. New Zealand isn’t a very good team. But Costa Rica has come on in recent matches.

Japan is underrated. So even though Germany should finish no worse than second in Group E, they’re not a lock to do so. 

Final Analysis – Germany finished first in Group E

Heading into the spring and summer, Spain is getting most of the press, but Germany might be the team to beat. The Spanish have better overall players.

Germany has much more experience. The key for the Germans, like it has been in the past few World Cups, is Manuel Nuer’s health. If the goalie is at one-hundred percent, and if age hasn’t slowed him down, he’ll make enough key saves during the group stage for the Germans to finish first. 

If Neuer has slowed down, it will be tough to beat the Spanish. But players like Leroy Sane, Timo Werner and the great Thomas Mueller should ensure the Germans finish no worse than second in Group E.

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