FIFA World Cup Betting Prediction Qatar Odds Analysis and What they Need to Move to the Next Round

FIFA World Cup Betting Prediction: Qatar Odds Analysis and What they Need to Move to the Next Round

2022 World Cup host Qatar drew into Group A where they will take on Ecuador, Senegal, and the Netherlands in the first round. Qatar, as one might expect, is one of the longest shots on the board to win the the World Cup. Qatar isn’t just a longshot to win the World Cup. They’re also a longshot to make it to the knockout stage. Check out current FIFA World Cup Betting Odds on the host to score the WC trophy, reasons Qatar will make it to the next round, reasons the team won’t, and a way too early prediction. 

Qatar Betting Analysis and their 2022 World Cup Odds | Soccer

2022 Qatar World Cup

  • When: Nov. 21 – Dec. 18

Qatar Odds to Win World Cup and Move On to the Next Round

  • Qatar +34000

At first glance, the 34,000-to-1 odds makes Qatar an overlay. But before we can call Qatar an overlay, we must consider that only eight nations have won the World Cup.

Qatar isn’t one of those eight nations. So the real question is what odds would you accept to put money on the host nation to win the World Cup?

If 34,000-to-1 is the answer, then go for it. But if you’d rather put money behind one of the eight nations that have already won the World Cup, then consider Qatar an underlay at +34000.

Why Qatar will move to the next round

Although Qatar has a worse than 34,000-to-1 shot of winning the World Cup, that doesn’t mean they can’t move to the next round. Qatar got lucky with the draw.

The host nation battles Senegal, the Netherlands, and Ecuador. If we hand Group A to the Dutch, Qatar must only outplay Ecuador and Senegal to the move to the knockout stage. So the host team does have a shot to move to the next round. 

Why Qatar won’t move to the next round

Senegal is an underrated squad. So is Ecuador. The Ecuadorians play against Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and other CONMENBOL teams.

Brazil and Argentina are the class of the region. But Ecuador has qualified for the World Cup. So although not as good as Brazil or Argentina, the Ecuadorians should be good enough to beat Qatar.

Senegal can win Group A. Eduoard Mendy is Chelsea’s starting goalie. Mendy is one of the best in the world. Liverpool #10 Sadio Mane is one of the best players in the world.

Most of Senegal’s national team plays on a UEFA League squad. So Qatar will have trouble beating Senegal. 

Final Analysis – Qatar doesn’t score a goal in group play

Senegal and the Netherlands should shut out Qatar. The host nation has a shot to score a goal versus Ecuador. 

But we shouldn’t hold our breath. During World Cup qualifying, Ecuador beat Colombia 6-1 in a match and dusted Uruguay 4-2 in another. 

Also, the Ecuadorians know their best shot of moving to the knockout stage is to dominate Qatar and try and draw with the Netherlands and Senegal. Because Ecuador, Senegal, and the Netherlands will look to rack up goals agianst Qatar, the host team is likely to get shut out on the scoreboard. 

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