2020 NBA Betting News & Rumors October 12th Edition

2020 NBA Betting News & Rumors October 12th Edition

Written by on October 12, 2020

While the 2019-20 NBA season is finally complete with LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers hoisting this year’s NBA Championship trophy, the official end of the season also means that the widespread trade rumors that are flying fast and furious across the league’s landscape are going to heat up even more moving forward. With the start of a new week here, let’s find out which players could on the move to new teams prior to the start of the 2020-1 regular season so you can start planning ahead your bets against their NBA odds for next season.

NBA Trad Rumors Flying Fast and Furious

Will the Milwaukee Bucks get Giannis Antetokounmpo the help he so clearly needs this offseason? Could the Boston Celtics make a roster-altering trade that improves their mostly young team’s chances of winning it all next season? With Doc Rivers taking over in the City of Brotherly Love, could the Philadelphia 76ers move either Joel Embiid or Ben Simmons in a mega-deal? Let’s find out the answer to some of those questions.

Nance in Your Pants!

Sure, Larry Nance Jr. isn’t nearly as good as his high-flying father once was, (damn I’m getting old), but the versatile frontcourt performer would definitely help a Celtics team that couldn’t grab a rebound in the playoffs to save their collective lives. Boston would be parting ways with Gordon Hayward in this proposed trade, which I think would help both teams address some glaring issues.

Droppin’ It Like It’s Hot

With the second overall pick in the draft in their back pockets, the Golden State Warriors are apparently looking to drop move the No. 2 pick in order to drop down in the draft just far enough to nab Florida State swingman Devin Vassell who they envision as a lockdown perimeter defender that would grow into the role vacated by former NBA Finals MVP Andre Iguodala.  While the New York Knicks are looking to trade the No. 8 pick to the Dubs in some sort of deal, right now, there are a ton of rumors floating around on Golden State’s potential trade partners so stay tuned hoopsheads.

On The Move in Milwaukee?

After coming up way short of their NBA Finals hopes, the Milwaukee Bucks are definitely moving either swingman Khris Middleton or veteran point guard Eric Bledsoe – if they can’t move both players that is. While the Bucks just gave Middleton a huge deal that he is still owed Over $140 million, Bledsoe is set to make nearly $17 million next season. It’s going to be hard for Milwaukee to move Middleton’s big contract, but they’re looking high and low for a deal that would bring a veteran point guard like Chris Paul and another perimeter player that would step in and become Milwaukee’s Robin to Antetokounmpo’s Batman.

Holiday in South Beach

Despite making a surprising run to the NBA Finals, the Miami Heat will be looking to upgrade their roster in order to make an even bigger push for next season’s NBA crown. Rumors say that Miami would love to land New Orleans Pelicans point guard Jrue Holiday, possibly for a deal including young point guard Kendrick Nunn, swingman Andre Iguodala, sweet-shooting big man Kelly Olynyk and a 2020 first-round pick.

Hollywood Star Power

The Lakers might have just won the NBA championship, but apparently Los Angeles is already looking toward next season with recent rumors saying that veteran point guard Derrick Rose in a target. The Lakers would part ways with veteran combo guard Avery Bradley, young floor leaders Alex Caruso and a 2021 first-round pick to land the still effecting Rose who averaged an impressive 18.1 points per game for Detroit despite coming off the bench.

Pick Of The Litter

While he’s going to have a ton of teams to choose from in free agency, veteran forward Paul Millsap is apparently on the Boston Celtics’ radar. Millsap showed up in a big way for Denver in this year’s playoffs and while he’s no longer a star, Millsap is still a very good player capable of putting up good numbers while teaching his young teammates about the work ethic it takes to succeed in the NBA.

Rim Protection Central

Following their stunning playoff collapse against Denver, the loaded Los Angeles Clippers are reportedly looking to acquire veteran center Andre Drummond who would add the rim and low post protection they clearly needed against the Nuggets and more specifically, all-star center Nikola Jokic. While the Clips would get Drummond in this proposed deal, the Cavaliers would acquire Patrick Beverly, Ivica Zubac, Rodney McGruder.


Mufasa may have told young Simba to remember who he was, but could the Boston Celtics faithful quickly forget veteran point guard Kemba Walker after only one season with the famed franchise? Rumors say that the C’s could try to go after the Clippers’ Paul George, in a potential deal that would include Walker, Daniel Theis and L.A.’s Terance Mann.

Clipboard Carriers

On the coaching front, recent rumors say that Warriors’ assistant Mike Brown could be leading the race to land the LA Clippers’ job while assistant Tyron Lue, once considered the front runner for the job, could now land with the New Orleans Pelicans. Jeff Van Gundy is rumored to be a candidate for the Houston Rockets job.


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