NFL Updates of the Week - March 1st Edition

NFL Updates of the Week – March 1st Edition

Written by on March 1, 2019

The most important weekend yet in 2019 for the NFL takes place starting on Friday, March 1 when the NFL Combine really kicks it up a notch. Also this week, teams decided to give up on keeping some major players. That means those players will hit free agency at 4:00 pm ET on March 14.

Check out what happened in the National Football League this week!

NFL Updates of the Week – March 1st Edition

Massive Weekend with NFL Combine, Big Name Free Agent Hits Market 

NFL Combine:  Will Kyler Murray improve his draft position?

Murray’s scheduled to work out on Saturday, March 2. He’ll try to improve his draft position and sneak into the first round with electrifying displays of quickness with his feet and a rocket arm. Murray’s behind the eight ball when it comes to the NFL because he only measured 5’ 10” earlier this week.

If the Heisman Trophy winner doesn’t step it up, he might have to reconsider his decision to forego a baseball career and enter the NFL Draft. There might not be a reason to give up baseball if he won’t be drafted until round 2 or later.

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Jason Witten Decides He’s Not Done with Football

Former Dallas Cowboys’ tight-end Jason Witten decided he couldn’t quite get rid of the itch. He tried scratching it with a job as a color commentator, but it wasn’t enough. When training camp opens for the Cowboys in the summer, Witten will be there to reclaim his starting tight-end position.

That’s great news for both Witten, who never seemed comfortable in the booth, the Cowboys, and their legion of fans.

Nick Foles headed to free agency

Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl MVP winning quarterback Nick Foles is headed to free agency. The Eagles declined to place the franchise tag on Foles. That means Nick can offer his services to the highest-bidder.

One of the highest-bidders could be the Denver Broncos even though they recently traded for Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. John Elway, the Broncos’ GM, said he wanted Case Keenum to return to the team as a backup while Flacco starts.

But, Foles’ availability could change things. Nick showed again last season that’s he’s got what it takes to be a full time starter in the NFL. Elway can’t continue to waste that awesome defense. The Broncos must win now, which means John might make a play for Foles.

Other teams interested in Foles should be the Washington Redskins, New York Giants, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Miami Dolphins. The Fins are done with Tannehill. They’ve given Ryan the benefit of the doubt for years. The Giants are almost done with Eli, who might retire after this season, while the Redskins have no clue if Alex Smith returns one-hundred percent from the devastating injury he suffered last season.

The team with the best shot of acquiring Foles’ services are the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jacksonville should be the perfect place for Foles. With Foles at quarterback, Jacksonville becomes a contender in the AFC. You can’t win in the NFL unless you’ve got a quarterback that can lead your team. The Jags are in desperate need of leadership.

That could be Nick Foles. If it happens, watch out. Super Bowl 2020 odds on the Jags could plummet like what happened when the Philadelphia Phillies signed Bryce Harper in MLB.

NYJ looking to trade third pick in round 1

The New York Jets own the third pick in the NFL Draft. New coach Adam Gase, because he’s already got his quarterback in Sam Darnold, wants to trade for a massive haul of picks later in round 1 and into round 2 and round 3.

Gase and the Jets could pull it off. The thing about NYJ is that they’re only a few players away from being a contender. If they can put together a solid offensive line, grab a workhorse RB, and a linebacker, they’d be right there.

The secondary is pretty good while the wide receivers aren’t terrible. Who knows? Gase might be in the perfect position to regain the genius label placed on him when he ran the Broncos’ and Bears’ offenses and before he flamed out as head coach in Miami.