Five Betting Reasons of Why An AFC Team Will Win the Super Bowl

Five Betting Reasons of Why An AFC Team Will Win the Super Bowl

We know that the AFC has been inconsistent, with numerous teams holding the top spot in the playoff race this season. However, it is a very balanced conference, and the cream is starting to rise to the top. While the NFC has Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and some other very good teams, we’re not ready to hand them the Lombardi Trophy quite yet. Here are five reasons that the AFC can win the Super Bowl this season so you can plan your bets against the Super Bowl odds.

5 Reasons to Bet On a AFC Conference team to Win Super Bowl 56

Reason #1 – Bill Belichick

Don’t look now, but Belichick’s Patriots have won six games in a row and are looking like the best team in the AFC. Even with a rookie starting quarterback, the Patriots have scored the third-most points in the league this season. New England still doesn’t have a superstar on offense, but Belichick has built this team to his specifications. Defensively, New England could be the top unit in the league. They’ve allowed the least amount of points, and they’ve come up with some key stops in crucial situations. Anytime that you have to go up against Bill Belichick, you better be worried.

Reason #2 – Indianapolis Colts Offensive Line

Up until their loss to Tampa Bay on Sunday, the Colts had been one of the hottest teams in the league. Much of this was due to their offensive line finally being healthy. This is the best offensive line in the game, and they have done a great job of paving the way for Jonathan Taylor to put up huge numbers this season. They have also done a great job of protecting Carson Wentz. The Colts are one of the top offensive teams in the league, and it’s because of the O-Line. Having a running game is a huge bonus come playoff time, and if teams can’t get their defense off the field, they’ll have a hard time winning in the playoffs.

Reason #3 – Derrick Henry

When Henry went out with a foot injury for an extended time, many felt that the Titans wouldn’t win games. Mike Vrabel’s squad has continued to win, and it sounds like Henry will make a return late in the regular season or early in the playoffs. When he returns, he’ll be a huge boost to the Titans’ offense. Much like we just talked about with the Colts, Henry can take over a game and keep the opposition’s offense off of the field. 

Reason #4 – Lamar Jackson

While he can make some head-scratching mistakes at times, teams still haven’t figured out how to stop Jackson and the Ravens‘ offense. It may not be pretty at times, but it gets the job done. When teams think they have Jackson figured out, he goes and makes a game-changing play. If you load up the box to stop the run, he’ll make a great pass. If you give him room to run, he’ll beat you with his legs. The Ravens could make a long playoff run if teams didn’t find a formula to stop him.

Reason #5 – Kansas City Chiefs Defense

Just when everyone was ready to write the Chiefs off, their defense got much better. Over the last few games, the defense that was awful early in the season has improved tremendously. Combine that with the Chiefs offense getting things going again, and you have the formula for another Super Bowl run. 


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