2024 Super Bowl Over/Under Picks, Betting Trends, Analysis - NFL Playoffs Odds

2024 Super Bowl Over/Under Picks, Betting Analysis – SB LVIII Total Odds

We are ready for the Super Bowl. Las Vegas is ready for the Super Bowl. The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers are ready for the Super Bowl. Now, let’s get our final betting picks ready for the Super Bowl. When looking at the over/under for Super Bowl LVIII, the number sits at 47.5. That’s a pretty good number for these two teams. Here is our final Super Bowl Over/Under prediction:

The game total going around in online sportsbooks is currently set at 47.5 points, and there is an argument to be made for both the OVER and the UNDER.

If you like making Over/Under Total wagers more than you like making ATS bets and you’re looking for some reasons why should the over be your Super Bowl LVIII betting pick for the Total, then look no further. Let’s look at the reasons why the Total is looking good, so let’s get to them betting odds!


2024 Super Bowl Over/Under Betting Analysis: Game Total Pick | MyBookie NFL Preview for the Big Game

Super Bowl LVIII | 58th edition of the annual league championship game of the National Football League
Kansas City Chiefs at San Francisco 49ers

ATS Odds: 49ers -2
Money line Odds: Kansas City Chiefs Line: +105 / San Francisco 49ers Line: -125
Over/Under Odds: 47.5

Sunday, February 11th, 2024 at 6:30 pm ET | CBS
Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas, NV


How They Got Here | SB LVIII

The Kansas City Chiefs come into this game after three impressive postseason wins. The Chiefs beat the Miami Dolphins at home, and then went on the road and beat the Buffalo Bills and the Baltimore Ravens on the road. In those three games, the Chiefs allowed just 41 points. That is just 13.6 points per game. Offensively, the Chiefs were just fine, scoring 23.3 points per game.

For the San Francisco 49ers, after garnering the top seed in the NFC, with their 12-5 record, they needed just two postseason wins. Both wins were at home. First, it was the Green Bay Packers. Then, the Detroit Lions came to town. In those two wins, the 49ers averaged 29 points per game, and allowed teams to score 26. The 49ers played in high scoring games, but it has led to their defense being under fire after allowing 21 to Green Bay and 31 to Detroit.


Key Players to Watch | SB LVIII

When you think of the San Francisco 49ers offense, you think Christian McCaffrey. The former Carolina Panthers running back was the best non quarterback offensive player during the regular season. McCaffrey finished 41 yards shy of 1,500 during the regular season with 14 touchdowns. He also added 7 receiving touchdowns as well.

During the postseason, the running back has been solid as well. McCaffrey went for 98 yards in the win over Green Bay, and 90 against Tampa Bay. He has two touchdowns in both games. There is no doubt the emphasis for the tough Kansas City defense will be on the running back.

On the other side, a guy tat has already won two Super Bowl MVP awards; Patrick Mahomes will guide the Chiefs offense in the big game. This is his fourth trip to the Super Bowl, and he is just 28 years old. Mahomes has yet to turn the ball over this postseason, throwing the ball 103 times in three games.

He will turn to Travis Kelce when push comes to shove. Kelce, the famous tight end, also known for dating Taylor Swift has three postseason touchdowns so far. Kelce had 11 receptions, as the go to guy, with over 100 yards in the AFC title game win at Baltimore.


Final Over/Under Prediction for Super Bowl LVIII | MyBookie Writer’s Choice

In the end, we are going to take the UNDER. Part of what has allowed the Kansas City Chiefs to be so successful in the postseason has been their defense. Look for the defense to be the key again, as they hold Brock Purdy and the 49ers to just 17 points in this game. Our final score prediction for this game is the Kansas City Chiefs 27-17 over the San Francisco 49ers.

Take the UNDER in Super Bowl LVIII. Enjoy the game and best of luck!

Super Bowl LVIII | 49ers vs Chiefs
SB LVIII O/U Pick: Under 47.5 | Odds for Super Bowl MyBookie Betting Lines for the Big Game


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Super Bowl 57 Over/Under Picks, Betting Trends, Analysis – NFL Playoffs Odds

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Super Bowl 57 will be held Sunday in the Arizona desert, with the Kansas City Chiefs opposing the Philadelphia Eagles. This game, as every Super Bowl does, has attracted worldwide attention both from a fan perspective and a betting perspective.
Literally, billions of dollars (experts estimate $7B in all source handle) will be placed on the game. In addition to sides and props, the game total is one of the most popular wagers and one we will thoroughly discuss today.


How to Bet Super Bowl 57 Over/Under Total

The current consensus total on the game is 51 points, meaning the combined point totals will either exceed 51 (the over hits), be under 51 (the under cashes) or the total falls on 51 (no blood is drawn, it’s a push). Now it is time to understand how to bet the Super Bowl and win with the Over/Under Total of the Big Game.


Super Bowl History When It Comes to Totals

The last four Super Bowls have all gone under the total. In the past 20 years, the under has hit 11 times while the game has gone over on nine occasions. The total of 51 is somewhat in the middle of the road when it comes to numbers. For reference, in the past 20 years, the lowest total was 37.5 points (SB 38), while the highest number was 57 (SB 44).

The last four Super Bowls have all gone under the total.  

There is very little concrete rhyme or reason or even correlation between, say an underdog cashing and the corresponding under or over coming in. Also, it is hard to find definitive and, therefore profitable and high-percentage patterns with conference affiliation.

Three interesting trends though:

1) When a female performer is the halftime entertainment as is the case this season with Rihanna, the over is 4-0 in the last four. Since Super Bowl 47 when Beyonce performed, this trend has been strong, with Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, and Shakira all dazzling fans worldwide with their hits.

2) Dating back to 1985 when two top-seeded teams meet, as is the case this year, the over is 6-3 in those nine scenarios.

3) In the last 10 Super Bowls where the spread is less than three points (it is 1.5 in this instance) the over is 6-4.


Digging Into the Numbers

Both offenses are extremely potent. The Chiefs lead the NFL in points per game, and the Eagles are third. Combined, they average 57.2 points a game making the over a foregone conclusion, right………..wrong. In addition to having stellar and prolific offenses, they also boast solid defenses and combine to allow 41.9 points per game.

This season in games the Chiefs have played where the total has been between 50-55, the under is 7-3. This is the highest total for the Eagles on the season, as all of their games have been lined in the 40s. In games where the total has been between 47-49.5, the under is 5-2.


Final Conclusion

As you can see from the information and analysis above, there are a myriad of factors to consider when deciding whether to go over or under. It is easy to look at both offenses and see how prolific they are. It is also easy to look at the last four Super Bowls (two involving the Chiefs) and see how they went under the total.

Given all the factors, we can easily foresee the game as a 28-24 affair, just narrowly going over the total.

Bet Super Bowl Today
MyBookie Betting Lines for the Game
How To Bet The Over/Under Total for the Super Bowl 57

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Betting on the Super Bowl is most known for its vast number of proposition bets, ranging from the length of the National Anthem to the color of the Gatorade poured on the winning coach. But don’t get so caught up in the hype that you forget the old stand-by bets that have been getting you through the regular season.

There is, of course, still the money line, the most basic of bets. Point spread bets are the bread and butter of NFL betting. And totals bets, where you pick over or under the points scored by both teams combined.

It’s that last type of “regular” bet that we’re focusing on here. Let’s right to it so you can bet on the Super Bowl Betting Lines.


How To Bet The Over/Under Total for the Super Bowl 57

Regular Season vs Postseason

Of course, paying attention to how a team does against the totals line in the regular season is important. It’s the foundation of the research you do for your Super Bowl wager. But you definitely need to put an emphasis on the playoffs. The teams are better, and there are fewer mistakes made on the field and far easy touchdowns.

Just look at the playoffs following this past season. All four Divisional Round games finished under the totals line, as did both Conference Championship Games. As the competition got tougher, the points were harder to come by.

Overall this season, the under was 7-5 leading up to the Super Bowl, which is exactly what happened in the 2021 playoffs.


Know the History

Each of the last four Super Bowls has gone under the totals line, with Super Bowl LIII being the worst offender, finishing under by a whopping 39.5 points. Before this current run of four straight unders, the over won twice in a row, but in Super Bowl LI, the only reason the over hit was because the game went to overtime.

Over the last 18 Super Bowls, beginning with Super Bowl XXXIX – the Patriots over the Eagles – the under is 11-7.

Even the most experienced players can experience Super Bowl jitters, and early in games, that affects offensive execution more than anything else. Plus, the betting public loves scoring, and they want to root for the offenses, which can artificially push the line higher.


Know the Bets

The most basic of the totals bets is the end-of-the-game wager. The winner of the game doesn’t matter, and overtime will be added to the final total. It is not a four-quarter bet; it’s the final score. So bet on that accordingly.

But you can also bet on the over/under for each quarter, as well as at halftime. Then, after the quarter is half over, bet on the next quarter and half on the new line.

When you place a wager on the totals line of the second half, it will include any overtime unless it explicitly states otherwise. A first-half totals bet ends at halftime, and a second-half totals bet ends at the conclusion of the game. So again, before placing those bets, know your sportsbook’s rules and bet accordingly.

NFL Super Bowl 56 Betting Guide: Over/Under Total Expert Analysis

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It is estimated that there will be over $8 billion wagered on this year’s Super Bowl. With two very good offensive teams squaring off at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, many figured that there would be a lot of points scored in this one. The oddsmakers have spoken, and the over/under total for the Cincinnati Bengals vs. The Los Angeles Rams has been set at 48.5. Both teams averaged just over 27 points per game in the regular season. Let’s take a closer look at our NFL Playoffs Betting analysis so you don’t miss the chance to bet against the Super Bowl lines.


How To Bet The Super Bowl Over/Under Total

Previous Super Bowls

In the history of the Super Bowl, the over has hit 27 times, while the under has also hit 27 times. There was no point total in the first Super Bowl. This Super Bowl will break the tie. The last three Super Bowls have all been under the total. In the last 10 Super Bowls, five of the games have been over, while five have been under. It’s obvious that the past over/under history won’t help much when trying to decide which one to choose.


Current Season Statistics

In looking at the Rams’ regular-season games, the point total was under in 9 of their games, while the total was over in 10. They pushed in one of the games. For the Cincinnati Bengals, the over hit eight times, while the under hit 11 times, while there was one push. Once again, the numbers really aren’t giving us much of an indication of what will happen.

So, after going through all of the statistics in regards to betting on the over/under in the Super Bowl, we’ve made up our minds on which way we’re going to go. First off, on paper, the Rams have a very good offense with a lot of star power. With Matthew Stafford under center, and having two talented receivers in Cooper Kupp and Odell Beckham Jr., along with a healthy Cam Akers running the ball, we should expect to see the Rams put up a lot of points. While Cincinnati’s defense was average throughout the year and played a horrible first half in the AFC Championship Game, they were able to hold the powerful Chiefs offense down in the second half.

Joe Burrow and the Bengals offense also have the potential to put up a lot of points. Burrow has Joe Mixon in the backfield, and he has one of the best trios of receivers in the league in Ja’Marr Chase, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd. We’ll see how this group fares against a Rams defense that has a very good pass rush, athletic linebackers, and one of the league’s best cover corners in Jalen Ramsey.


Over or Under?

We think that both offenses will get off to a slow start. There will be a lot of nerves to start the game, and the offenses won’t get going until later in the game. Both quarterbacks will make some key mistakes that will lead to turnovers. Right now, we’re leaning towards taking the under in this one. We feel like the defenses will step up and play well, and points will be at a premium.

Early 2022 NFL Super Bowl O/U Betting Pick, Odds & Analysis

Previous Betting News

If you correctly picked the two teams set to compete for the Super Bowl this season, then you may want to go out and buy yourself a lottery ticket. The LA Rams are perhaps not the biggest surprise, although the majority had the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Green Bay Packers coming out of the NFC. Over on the AFC side, there were probably not many people outside of the city of Cincinnati who really believed that the Bengals would be where they are now. Let’s take a look at the big game in the O/U department so you can get all set to make your bets against the Super Bowl Odds.


Super Bowl 56 Over/Under Pick and Analysis | NFL Betting

Cincinnati Bengals versus LA Rams – Super Bowl Betting

The common theme with both teams is that they went out and got themselves a quarterback who is next level. The Bengals got their man through the draft, while the Rams went the trade route to get Matthew Stafford. This just shows that there is more than one way to get the job done. Over the next week and a half, we will be talking about the Super Bowl a lot, but let’s get things started by looking at the OVER/UNDER for the big game.


What is the Current O/U Odds?

Right now, the point total for the Super Bowl is set at 49, although that may move a little either way before we get to kick-off. This is the first time in 4 years that the total has been set under 50 points. Interestingly enough, the previous 3 Super Bowl’s have gone UNDER the point total, although in fairness, that has little bearing on this year’s game.


O/U Trends for Both Teams

Let’s get things started by looking at the LA Rams. While the Super Bowl is traditionally played at a neutral venue, the Rams will have the benefit of playing the championship game in their own building. With that in mind, you might expect things to lean towards the UNDER. The Rams are 10-9-1 O/U on the season, but 4-6 O/U in games played at home. 2 of their 3 playoff games this season have also gone UNDER. One of the more convincing trends when looking at the Rams is that they have seen the UNDER hit in 27 of their last 38 games starting as a favorite.

When looking at the Bengals, you become even more convinced that we are potentially looking at the UNDER as the way to go in the Super Bowl. 12 of the 20 games that they have played this season have gone UNDER the point total, but a deeper dig shows even more trends that make the UNDER a more obvious bet. They are on a run now, including 3 playoff games, where the UNDER has hit in 4 straight. In fact, if you go back in history a little, you will see that the Bengals have had the UNDER hit in the playoffs in 7 straight games.


Early Super Bowl O/U Pick

This is almost certainly something I will continue to look at in the days leading up to the Super Bowl, but for now, I am all about the UNDER. Neither of these teams have really lit it up offensively on their road to the big game, with both relying heavily on solid defensive play. That, combined with the trends mentioned above, has me leaning towards the UNDER.

How to Bet the Super Bowl LIV Over/Under

Previous Betting News

One team is known for its high-scoring offense while the other is know for having a shutdown defense of the highest order. Will the high-scoring Kansas City Chiefs put a ton of points on the board to send the final Super Bowl 54 score soaring over the 54-point total or will the San Francisco 49ers’ stout defense keep the game’s final score under the O/U total? If you’re looking for some expert insight into how to bet the Super Bowl LIV Over/Under total, then look no further.


How to Bet the Super Bowl LIV Over/Under

  • Super Bowl LIV Over/Under Total: -54

Kansas City Chiefs Over/Under Trends

The Chiefs are Super Bowl 54 favorites mostly because they can put points on the board in their collective sleep. The Over is 7-2 in Kansas City’s last 9 games against a team with a winning record and that means the Over is looking good as they get st to face San Francisco. The Over is also a consistent 10-4 in the Chiefs last 14 games after racking up more than 350 yards of total offense in their previous game and 7-2 in their last nine games against a team with a winning record.

The Over is also 10-4 in the Chief’s last 14 games after putting up at least 350 yards of total offense in their previous game. The Over is also 5-2-1 in the Chiefs last 8 games after allowing less than 90 yards rushing in their previous game and Kansas City comes into Super Bowl 54 off a fantastic defensive effort that limited ‘runaway train’ league rushing leader Derrick Henry to just 69 yards and once score on 19 carries in the AFC Championship game. Strangely enough, the Under is 4-1 in Kansas City’s last 5 games after racking up more than 250 passing yards in their previous game.


San Francisco 49ers Over/Under Trends

The 49ers might be known for their powerful defense, but Frisco also finished in scoring in the regular season (29.9 ppg) and they’ve scored 64 combined points in two playoff games this postseason. With that said, the Over is 4-0 in Frisco’s last four games after rushing for at least 150 yards in their previous game. The Over is also 3-0-1 in the 49ers’ last four games after putting up more than 350 total yards in their previous game.

That’s not all, there’s even more evidence for an over outcome in Super Bowl LIV. The Over is 4-1-1 in San Francisco’s last six games, 3-1-1 in 49ers last 5 games against a team with a winning record and 8-3-1 in the Niners’ last dozen games after giving up more than 250 passing yards in their previous game. Last, but not least, the Under is 4-1 in San Francisco’s last 5 playoff games, though they haven’t been in the postseason prior to this season since 2013.


Super Bowl Over/Under History

The ‘over/under’ has gone 27-25 in the first 53 Super Bowl matchups. No total was posted on Super Bowl I between the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs. A year ago, New England’s 13-3 Super Bowl win over the Los Angeles Rams produced the lowest ‘over/under’ result in Super Bowl history.



The Niners have an elite defense, but Kansas City has scored a whopping 86 points in two playoff games this postseason, including their 35-point effort against a very good Titans defense in the AFC title tilt. Again, Frisco is known for their defense, but they can clearly score the ball as well, having put 64 points on the board in two games this postseason.

Even though I’m not real fond of the high, 54-point O/U total in Super Bowl LIV, all signs are pointing to an Over outcome and I believe that’s just what will happen in Super Bowl 54.

Pick: Play the Over 54 Total Points

Why Should the Over be your Super Bowl LII Betting Pick for the Total?

Previous Betting News

If you like making Over/Under Total wagers more than you like making ATS bets and you’re looking for some reasons why should the over be your Super Bowl LII betting pick for the Total, then look no further. I’ve got 7 great reasons why the Over is looking good, so let’s get to them NFL betting odds!


Why Should the Over be your Super Bowl LII Betting Pick for the Total?

  • When: Sunday, February 4, 2018, 6:30 PM ET
  • Where: U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN
  • TV: NBC
  • Radio: 94.1 FM (Philadelphia) / 98.5 FM (New England)
  • Super Bowl LII Betting Odds: New England Patriots -4.5 (Over/Under at 48 points)

The Eagles Offense

Sure, the Eagles are playing out of their collective minds defensively, but they also finished in a virtual tie with New England in scoring by putting up 28.6 points per game to rank third in scoring. Not only that, but the 38 points they scored on Minnesota’s league-leading defense in the NFC Championship tells me they could do the same to New England’s far more generous ‘D’.


Team Statistics

  • Average Score For: 28.33
  • Total Yards: 369.00
  • Rush Yards: 128.94
  • Passing Yards: 240.06

The Patriots Offense

Just like the Eagles, Tom Brady and company put up 28.6 points per game to finish second in scoring this season, not to mention the fact that they’ve scored 24 or more in each of their last five games while topping the 35-point plateau twice along the way.

Team Statistics

  • Average Score For: 28.72
  • Total Yards: 393.78
  • Rush Yards: 113.11
  • Passing Yards: 280.67

Eagles Over History

Philly topped their O/U total of 41 points in the NFC title tilt and have gone 3-3 O/U over their last six games overall. The Over is 12-2 in the Eagles’ last 14 games after accumulating more than 250 yards passing in their previous game. Last but not least, the Over is also 10-3 in Philadelphia’s last 13 games on field turf.


Patriots Over History

The Over is 8-2 in New England’s last 10 playoff games and an insane 67-33 in their last 100 games on field turf.


Head-to-Head Total History

The Over is 4-1 in the last 5 meetings between Philadelphia and New England.


Super Bowl Over History

The Over is 4-1 in the last five Super Bowls.


New England’s Super Bowl History

The Over is a spotless 2-0 in the Patriots’ last two Super Bowl appearances, which came a year ago and in Super Bowl 49 back in 2015.


Last 10 Super Bowl Winners

  • 2017: New England Patriots
  • 2016: Denver Broncos
  • 2015: New England Patriots
  • 2014: Seattle Seahawks
  • 2013: Baltimore Ravens
  • 2012: New York Giants
  • 2011: Green Bay Packers
  • 2010: New Orleans Saints
  • 2009: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 2008: New York Giants
How To Bet 2017 NFL Super Bowl Over/Under Total

Previous Betting News

One of the most intriguing wagers available for Super Bowl 51 is the OVER/UNDER, with the point total currently set at 58.5. The reason this one is such a tough call is because you have a pair of teams whose strengths are very different. The Atlanta Falcons are an offensive juggernaut that led the league in scoring, while the Patriots are bringing the number one defense to the big game in Houston in a couple of weeks. The biggest question that needs to be answered before making this wager is which of these two units is going to shine brightest in the Super Bowl. If the Falcons offense rises up, we may get into a shootout that takes the point total beyond the bookies amount, while a big performance from the Patriots D may help keep things on the lower scoring side of things. Let’s dig a little deeper into what each team did in the OVER/UNDER throughout the course of the season. Before you bet on the NFL playoffs, click here to cash in on the latest Super Bowl 51 promos.


How To Bet 2017 NFL Super Bowl Over/Under Total

The Atlanta Falcons and the OVER/UNDER

A quick look at what the Atlanta Falcons have done with the point total this season would immediately have you rushing online to play the OVER, as everything would appear to point in that direction. Overall, they went 15-2 O/U, which tells you just how good they were offensively this season, whilst also making it clear that they do tend to give up points, too. In games where the O/U was set at 49.5 or higher, the Falcons were a rather staggering 9-0 O/U. Now, before you start thinking that these results may have come against lesser opponents where Atlanta was able to run up the score, keep in mind that they are also 5-1 O/U when playing teams with a winning record. The Falcons are coming into the big game as a slight underdog, and their record when that happens is 4-2 O/U. All these stats would certainly suggest an OVER play, but before we get carried away, let’s look at the Patriots.


The New England Patriots and the OVER/UNDER

At first glance, things are not so cut and dried when looking at the OVER/UNDER record in Patriots games this season. Their overall record comes in at 8-10 O/U, which immediately makes you start to second guess your decision to play the OVER. There are some numbers that will make you think again, though, and it comes when looking at the New England Patriots going against better opposition this season. In the second half of the season, when playing a team with a winning record, the Patriots games went 5-1 O/U. Throughout the season as a whole, that record was 6-2 O/U versus teams with a winning record. That seriously changes how I am looking at this game, so let’s go ahead and make a prediction..


How to Bet the OVER/UNDER in Super Bowl 51

As good as the Patriots defense is, I don’t see any way in which they can shut down the Falcons completely. I have a feeling that this game is going to turn into a gunslinger battle between Brady and Ryan, which I believe will take the total OVER..

Super Bowl LI Over/Under Total Pick

Previous Betting News

The Atlanta Falcons had one of the greatest offenses in NFL history in the regular season. They averaged 33.75 points, which tied for the eighth-most points ever in a season. The Falcons have been even better in the playoffs in scoring 80 points combined in their two wins. The New England Patriots led the NFL in scoring defense at 15.6 points per game. But they are no slouches on offense in averaging 35.0 points in the playoffs. It’s likely NFL MVP Matt Ryan vs. two-time NFL MVP and four-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady in Super Bowl LI on Feb. 5 in Houston. And we have the highest betting total in Super Bowl history. Let’s take a look at that Super Bowl betting prediction.


Super Bowl LI Over/Under Total Pick

The total opened at 58 on NFL odds and has gone as high as 58.5 — it well could reach 60 by kickoff as bettors are generally hammering the over right now at MyBookie. The previous highest total was Super Bowl XLIV between Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints and Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts at 57. As for who came out on top, the Saints ended up winning the game by a final score of 31-17. The over is 25-24 in the big game — there was no official total listed for the first one back in 1967.

The Falcons score at an incredibly consistent rate, turning drives into touchdowns a league-leading 34.9 percent of the time. Over the past 20 years, only the 2007 Patriots — a unit that featured Brady at his peak and Randy Moss scoring an NFL-record 23 touchdowns — averaged more points per drive than the Falcons’ 3.06. Ryan set an NFL record this season by throwing touchdown passes to 13 different receivers. In addition, the Falcons are better than anyone else at taking advantage of opposing miscues. They did so twice in the NFC Championship Game blowout of Green Bay.

That No. 1 ranking for the Patriots’ defense might be misleading. New England had the easiest schedule of any defense in the NFL — a lineup led by a very mediocre group of quarterbacks. So the Patriots defense entered the playoffs essentially untested by any of the league’s best offenses. Despite the impressive raw numbers, New England’s defense finished the year just 16th in Football Outsiders’ DVOA, which, among other things, weighs its rating based on opponent quality.

Of those 16 games, 13 came against passers who finished the year with at least 100 dropbacks. Overall, 39 quarterbacks hit the 100-dropback mark. None of the top 10 faced the Patriots. Four of those 13 games came against passers who were 32nd or worse in Passing Net Expected points per dropback. Only one was against a top-15 passer.

Think about the QBs the Patriots faced in these playoffs. In the divisional round, it was Houston’s Brock Osweiler. He might well be the worst starting quarterback in the NFL. In the AFC title game, it was Ben Roethlisberger. Very good player, two-time Super Bowl winner and potential future Hall of Famer. But Big Ben really struggled away from home this season and he didn’t have Pro Bowl running back Le’Veon Bell for most of the game vs. the Patriots.


Super Bowl LI Over/Under Total Pick & Prediction:

That’s a high total and if this game were outdoors, then I’d be skeptical. But it’s not, so go over. It is 15- 5-1 in the Falcons’ past 21 games overall. It’s 6-1 in the Patriots’ past seven overall.

How To Bet the Super Bowl LI Game Total and Why

Previous Betting News

The NFL season comes to an end this Sunday from NRG Stadium in Houston as the AFC champion New England Patriots face the NFC champion Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. Many expect this to be the highest-scoring Super Bowl in history and in fact the total of 59 is the game’s highest ever. So should you bet over or under? Let’s find out more in this exclusive Super Bowl betting preview.


How To Bet the Super Bowl LI Game Total and Why

“I’m a little nervous about that number, as most fans that come to Vegas like to bet the over, being the Super Bowl,” Las Vegas Westgate sports book director Jay Kornegay said. “We’re hoping that the high number will deter some of those over bettors to take the under and even it out a little more. But the early indicators look like they’re going to bet the over despite it being a record high.”

The over is 25-24 in the big game as there was no official total listed for the first one back in 1967). In 2010, when the total was a record-high 57, the under cashed in New Orleans’ 31-17 win over Indianapolis. Last year’s 24-10 Broncos win over Carolina easily stayed Under 43.5 and ended a three-year over streak.

The Falcons are a stunning 15-2- 1 on the over/under mark, easily the NFL’s most lopsided. New England’s top-ranked scoring defense helped the team stay under in 10 of 18 games. Here are the only two games for the Falcons that went under:

Week 5 vs. Broncos: The total was 44.5 and the Falcons won 23-16. That was a the second-fewest points scored this year for the NFL’s No. 1 offense. Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman were effective running the ball, combining for 119 yards and a 4.4-yard average. Coleman showed off his breakaway speed by catching four passes for 132 yards to go with his 31 yards on six carries. Matt Ryan threw for 267 yards and only two of those (covering 29 yards) went to star receiver Julio Jones. The week before that game, Ryan threw for a franchise-record 503 yards vs. Carolina and Jones had a team-record 300 yards receiving.

Week 10 at Eagles: The total was 48.5 and Atlanta lost 24-15. Ryan threw a 76-yard touchdown pass to Taylor Gabriel in the fourth quarter to give Atlanta a 15-13 lead, but Philadelphia answered with a TD. On Atlanta’s ensuing possession, Julio Jones dropped a pass on third-and- 12 and the Falcons punted away. Jones couldn’t make a difficult catch on fourth-and- 5 on Atlanta’s next drive. The Falcons came in averaging 33.8 points. But they settled for field goals of 38, 43 and 46 yards by Matt Bryant before Ryan connected with Gabriel.

The game in Houston is the 10th Super Bowl with a total over 50. Only three of the first nine have gone over, and two of those were by half a point. Four of the last six Super Bowls have gone over after a run of five unders in the previous six games.

The Patriots’ six Super Bowls with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have each been decided by four points or fewer. Only seven of the other 44 Super Bowls have been decided by four points or fewer. Thus I think this will be close game, and I can’t see each team putting up at least 30 points. So I recommend the under.

Updated Super Bowl 50 Game Total Pick

Previous Betting News

As you can see from the ticker on the main page at MyBookie.ag, the countdown to Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, California is well and truly on. We are still a few days away from kick-off, which means there is still plenty of time to review the many different wager that are available for the big game. One of the more intriguing options is the game total, especially since you have what amounts to the unstoppable force of the Carolina Panthers going against the immovable object that is the Denver Broncos defense. The game total going around in online sportsbooks is currently set at 45.5 points, and there is an argument to be made for both the OVER and the UNDER.


Panthers vs. Broncos SB50 Online Sportsbook Lines

  • When: Sunday, February 7, 2015
  • Kickoff: 6:30 PM ET
  • Where: Santa Clara, CA
  • Stadium: Levi’s Stadium
  • Spread: Panthers -6
  • Moneyline: Carolina -245 vs Denver +205
  • Game Total: 45.5
  • Watch: CBS  

Why bet on Super Bowl 50 to go OVER 45.5 Total Points

There are a number of different scenarios that could happen that would make this game total seem pretty small. The first of these is of the Panthers can continue to be dominant in their early drives, which they have been in their previous two playoff games. Carolina scored in their opening 3 drives of the game against the Seahawks and the Cardinals, and it can certainly be argued that the Seattle defense is at least on a par with what Denver are bringing to the table.

Field position could also play a huge role in deciding whether or not this game goes OVER. The Carolina defense has been causing all sorts of turnovers this postseason, and that usually results in Cam Newton having excellent starting field position more often than not. The same rules apply for Denver here, too. Their D can wreak havoc, and you get the sense that Peyton Manning still has what it takes to do doe real damage, assuming he doesn’t have to try and drive his team 75-80 yards on every drive.


Why bet on Super Bowl 50 to go UNDER 45.5 Total Points

The most obvious way this will happen is if the Denver Broncos defense can continue to play at a ridiculously high level. When you are able to hold the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots to a combined 34 points in 2 games, you are looking at a defense that is playing at an elite level. This defense has the ability to keep Cam Newton in the pocket at all times, and if they can shut down Greg Olsen, it could end up being a long day for the Panthers.

There has been a lot of talk about the diminishing arm strength of Peyton Manning, and that may actually play into the favor of the UNDER bettors. I don’t really see Denver taking a lot of shots downfield, which means shorter plays designed to take time off the clock, which would also limit how much time Newton and the Panthers offense spend on the field. If the Broncos can win the time of possession battle, I see this one going UNDER.

Super Bowl 50 Game Total, OVER vs. UNDER Betting

Previous Betting News

Unlike the Moneyline and Point Spread Super Bowl 50 odds that have witnessed strong movements since the NFL betting markets were opened on Sunday Night, the Total Betting Lines have stayed more-or-less the same within the region of 44 to 46. There’s still a lot of time for things to change, and if (and when) they do change, we will be first in line to inform you about it and guide you on how to place your OVER/UNDER Super Bowl 50 bets accordingly. In the meantime, let’s work with the total betting numbers we have now (currently placed at 45.5) and figure out where the best value is.


Super Bowl 50 Game Total, OVER vs. UNDER Betting

  • When: Sunday, February 7, 2015
  • Kickoff: 6:30 PM ET
  • Where: Santa Clara, CA
  • Stadium: Levi’s Stadium
  • Spread: Panthers -6
  • Moneyline: Carolina -245 vs Denver +205
  • Game Total: 45.5
  • Watch: CBS

Super Bowl Total Betting History

For starters, each of the last three Super Bowls have delivered OVER totals, finishing with 52, 51 and 65 combined points, respectively. Even so, prior to thee three consecutive OVERs (which in fact matched the longest streak of Super Bowl OVERs since the 4-0 OVER run in the 1980’s), 6 of the previous 8 Super Bowls went UNDER.

On another interesting note, in Super Bowls that totaled at 46 or lower since the year 2000, the OVER has gone 5-0 (Giants vs. Ravens, Buccaneers vs. Raiders, Patriots vs. Panthers, Steelers vs. Cardinals, & Packers vs. Steelers). So, will the 45.5 deliver another OVER in accordance to this trend while pushing the streaking 3-0 OVER mark to 4-0, or will the strong UNDER trend that dominated the previous eight games show up in Super Bowl 50? Well, to answer that, let’s take a look at how the Panthers and Broncos have been performing in total betting.


Carolina and Denver’s OVER/UNDER Total Betting Trends

Of the four total meetings between the Panthers and Broncos, the UNDER is 3-1, though their last meeting in 2012 (which ended 36-14) paid OVER bettors.

As far as recent records are concerned, the OVER is 4-1 in Carolina’s last five games, including the two playoff games against the Seahawks and Cardinals. Meanwhile, the UNDER is 3-2 in Denver’s last five games, including the low-scoring postseason wins against the Steelers and Patriots.


Conclusion and Super Bowl 50 Total Betting Pick

For Carolina, there is no doubt that Cam Newton—even with Denver’s fierce D throwing countless of bodies and weapons at him—will still be able to lead his offense to three or more touchdowns against Denver. For Denver, the most confusing aspect of their game is the fact that Peyton Manning and his offense has been shaky, so it’s not easy to know what to expect from them. It can be a hit, if Manning and his runners rally up for the big game, or a miss, if they continue to struggle, as they’ve done the majority of the season.

That said, I like the OVER trends mentioned above, along with Carolina’s tried-and-proven offense, plus the fact Manning will most likely want to give a memorable performance in his last rodeo. Consequently, OVER 45.5 is my preferred pick here.



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