Bundesliga Championship Odds: Bayern Clear Favorite, Dortmund Could Upset, Leverkusen Longshot

Bundesliga Championship Odds: Bayern Clear Favorite, Dortmund Could Upset, Leverkusen Longshot

Like in most Bundesliga seasons, the last nine to be exact, Bayern Munich has dominated. The last team to beat Bayern for the UEFA German League title was Borussia Dortmund. That happened in the 2011-2012 season. So it should be no surprise to any soccer handicapper that Bayern, even though we have yet to enter February, is a -5000 chalk to win their tenth straight Bundesliga title. But is Bayern worth backing at the odds? Is Dortmund worth a play and what about Leverkusen? Check out Bundesliga odds and analysis for the favorite, the top upset team, and the best long shot to take the 2021-2022 Bundesliga title.   

German Bundesliga Title Winner Favorite, Upset, Long Shot

2021-2022 German Bundesliga Season

  • When: Aug. 13, 2021 – May 14, 2022

Favorite: Bayern Munich -5000

Bayern looks like a solid play to win the championship, but at the current odds, they’re a play against. Why?

At -5000, we’d expect Bayern to have at least a 12 point lead on the Bundesliga standings. 12 points equates to 4 wins since a team gets 3 points for every win. So Bayern would have to lose 4 and the second place team would have to win 4 to catch Bayern.

But heading into February, Bayern’s lead is just 6 points. Second place Dortmund must make up just 2 games to catch Bayern. Is it possible? History says no. At -5000, though, Bayern is unplayable.  

Upset: Borussia Dortmund +1050

While it’s impossible to back Bayern at -5000, it’s more than possible, smart almost, to back Dortmund at +1050. There are a couple of reasons to love Dortmund at the odds.

First, Bayern isn’t unbeatable. On Jan. 7, Monchengladbach, who has just 22 points this season compared to Bayern’s 49, upset Munich 2-1.

Second, Erling Haaland, the best striker on the planet, plays for Dortmund. Also, even though Bayern beat Dortmund in the last head-to-head, Munich required a penalty kick from Robert Lewandowski in the 77th minute to secure the victory.

The +1050 odds on Dortmund makes them an overlay. There’s no longer a river separating Bayern and Dortmund. Instead, it’s become a stream. With 43 points and plenty of matchdays to make up the difference, Dortmund is a solid play to overtake Bayern Munich and win the Bundesliga. 

Long Shot: Bayer Leverkusen +32000

Bayer Leverkusen isn’t a great play to win the Bundesliga. Heading into February, Leverkusen is 14 points away from Bayern. Making up more than 4 games on one of the best teams in the world won’t be easy.

But although Leverkusen on paper has no shot, odds always equals things. At +2000, Leverkusen is a play against to beat Bayern and Dortmund. At +3200, the best long shot on the board might be worth a look. 

Heading into the second month of the year, Leverkusen has won 2 straight, 2-1 over Gladbach and 5-1 against Augsburg. So if you believe Bayern implodes, and Dortmund doesn’t pick up the pieces, give Leverkusen a look. 



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