Bundesliga Betting Rumors for The Upcoming 2021-22 Season

Bundesliga Betting Rumors for The Upcoming 2021-22 Season

Written by on May 26, 2021

Both of Dortmund’s strikers, Jadon Sancho and Erling Haaland, could end up in different kits this season. See below for the latest rumors regarding Sancho, Haaland, and Bayern’s small potential move that could yield big results. That said, let’s jump right into action so you can plan your bets against their Bundesliga odds for the new season.

All Eyes on Dortmund Strikers Sancho and Haaland – Bundesliga Betting Predictions

2021-2022 Bundesliga Season

  • When: Aug. 13, 2021 – May 14, 2022

Paris Saint-Germain, Man City, and Chelsea may target Dortmund’s Erling Haaland over Harry Kane

Both Manchester City and Chelsea are in talks to trade for Harry Kane. But if discussions regarding Erling Haaland heat up, the Sky Blues and Blues would go that route.

As good as Kane is, he’s no Erling Haaland. The Dortmund striker scored 26 goals and had 6 assists in the Bundesliga. 

He scored 10 goals in the Champions League. Haaland is one of those players that makes everyone around him better. If Pep Guardiola at Man City and Thomas Tuchel at Chelsea have their way, their respective squads will make a play for Haaland over Kane. 

We can throw Paris Saint-Germain into the mix of teams who will make a play for Haaland over Kane. Paris could lose Kylian Mbappe. They’ll require a striker to play alongside Neymar. No doubt, Haaland is the player they’d like. 

Which EPL squad, Liverpool or Manchester United, will make a play for Jadon Sancho?

Of the two Premier teams looking to attract Jadon Sancho away from Dortmund, Man United has an edge over Liverpool. United has made it clear they want Sancho. They’ve wanted him for a while.

Man U. has dreams of Sancho playing with Edinson Cavani, Paul Pogba, and Marcus Rashford. United believes it can win the EPL next season. Adding Sancho to the mix could make the dream a reality.

Pool may also make a play for Sancho. But Liverpool isn’t as attractive as Manchester United. Liverpool didn’t win a title this season. They lost the EPL and the Champions League. On May 26, United battles Villareal for the Europa League Championship.    

Is Bayern Munich looking to sign Miralem Pjanic

Bayern wants to score a midfielder. They had been rumored to want Liverpool player Wijnaldum. The rumors proved untrue.

Now, another rumor has surfaced. This time, many believe Bayern is looking to attract Barcelona midfielder Miralem Pjanic. The former Juventus player would fit perfectly in Bayern’s system.

Grabbing Pjanic should make Bayern even more formidable than they have been. Bayern and its fans aren’t happy that even though Robert Lewandowski broke the single season Bundesliga record for goals, he finished second to Erling Haaland for player of the year. 

BM will make a big effort to dominate rivals like Dortmund, Gladbach, and Leipzig this season. Adding Pjanic most definitely would help in those efforts. 

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