UEFA Champions League Odds Liverpool and Manchester City Are the Betting Favorites

UEFA Champions League Odds: Liverpool and Manchester City Are the Betting Favorites

The 2021-2022 Champions League Semifinal matches are set. On one side of the bracket, Premier League squad Liverpool takes on LaLiga team Villareal. Then on the other side of the bracket, EPL leader Manchester City battles LaLiga leader Real Madrid. Updated odds suggest a Pool versus City final. Check out Champions League odds on MyBookie to win the 2022 Champions League title along with an odds analysis. 

Champions League Updated Betting Odds: Red and Sky Blues Co-Favorites

2022 UEFA Champions League Title Match

  • When: Saturday, May 28, 2022
  • Where: Stade de France, Saint Denis, France

Champions League Updated Odds

  • Liverpool FC +125
  • Manchester City +125
  • Real Madrid +600
  • Villareal +1900

Which team deserves the longer look to win the CL? Liverpool or Manchester City?

Based on the last head-to-head, the Reds deserve a longer look to win the Champions League than Manchester City. Liverpool dominated the Sky Blues in a 3-2 victory.

A couple of notes about the match, though. First, Man City started Zac Steffen in goal. The American made a ridiculous mistake that led to Liverpool’s second goal. 

To tell you how much the Sky Blues cared about the FA Semifinal match, Steffen has started a single Premier League game this season. Pep Guardiola put him in goal because, well, the FA Cup isn’t something Manchester City’s coach cares a lot about.

So Zac Steffen cost City the game. However, although we can’t use the last head-to-head to figure out which team deserves the longer look, Liverpool is still the better choice. 

In the head-to-head match before, which happened at Etihad Stadium, Pool managed a 2-2 draw. Liverpool also has the supposedly easier path to the CL Finals since they take on Villareal and the Sky Blues must go against Real Madrid.

So give Liverpool a slightly longer look. But if you believe Pep’s squad takes home the trophy, accept the odds. +125 is fair for both the Reds and City.   

Assess Real Madrid’s chances of winning the Champions League title.

One of the things we must like about Carlo Ancelotti’s squad is how they managed to knock out defending champions Chelsea. 

Not only that, but Karim Benzema is playing out of his mind. Benzema scored 3 goals versus the Blues in the first leg. In the second leg, Benzema scored a goal to keep Chelsea from tying the aggregate in Real’s 3-2 loss.

On paper, Ancelotti’s squad doesn’t have much of a shot against Manchester City. But Carlo is the only coach to take four different teams to a Champions League Semifinal. He’s a master soccer coach and manager.

At the odds, Real is more than playable. After all, RM has a 15-point lead over Barcelona in LaLiga’s Primer Division, just knocked Chelsea from the CL, and will head to their battle with the Sky Blues under the radar. 

So at +600, Real is definitely worth a look to win it all.  

Does Villareal have any chance of winning the Champions League?

We want to write “no”, but it’s difficult. Villareal knocked out one of the CL favorites, Bayern. Not only that, but the Primera Division team won the Europa League last season.

Because Villareal is 21 points behind Real Madrid for the LaLiga championship, we must figure the club is concentrating on their match versus Liverpool and then on a possible Champions League title.

So, no, Villareal shouldn’t win the CL. But the team shouldn’t have made it this far and in a 4-team race, they offer exceptional +1900 odds. If you want to put a few bucks behind the longest shot on the board, you should go for it. 


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