2022 Champions League Betting Analysis: What Does Liverpool Need to Win the Title

2022 Champions League Betting Analysis: What Does Liverpool Need to Win the Title

This Saturday, the UEFA Champions League Final takes place with Premier League power Liverpool stepping onto the pitch at Stade de France a favorite to beat LaLiga team Real Madrid. Liverpool has already won the FA Cup and Carabao Cup. To take their third title of the season, the Reds must play a smart but aggressive match. See below for four things Liverpool  must do to beat Real Madrid and win the 2022 Champions League title so you can place your bets against the UEFA Champions League Odds

What it Takes for Liverpool to Win the 2022 UEFA Champions League

2022 UEFA Champions League Title Match

  • When: Saturday, May 28, 2022
  • Where: Stade de France, Saint Denis, France
  • TV / Streaming: CBS / Paramount+

Pool must slow down Karim Benzema

Karim Benzema is Real’s best forward. Benzema, a star on France’s national team, shot and scored the penalty kick in the 95th minute that knocked out Man City and sent Real to the championship contest.

Before driving the dagger into the Sky Blues in the second leg, in the first leg, Benzema had scored two late goals to keep El Blanco within shouting distance. As Benzema goes, so goes Real.

So for Liverpool to beat LaLiga’s best, they must contain Karim Benzema. Expect Virgil Van Djik to mark Benzema throughout the match. Benzema versus Van Djik will be one of the most important individual matchups on the pitch.   

The Reds must stay patient

Liverpool can’t try and force anything. Real must be more aggressive than Pool in this match because El Blanco’s defense isn’t nearly as solid, which means the opportunities will present themselves.

The Reds shouldn’t try and force the issue. By staying patient, Pool can lull Real’s defense to sleep. That’s when Liverpool opens up the game. 

Liverpool must play at a couple of different paces. They must know when to speed things up and when to pull back. If the Reds are patient enough, Liverpool can counter Real at least once for a goal victory. 

Get Mane in open space

Sadio Mane is one of the best creating midfielders in soccer. When Mane is in open space, he’s as effective as the best of his generation, including being as effective as Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne. 

Mane always makes the correct pass. If the pass isn’t there, he can create his own shot. If pool wishes to win on Saturday, the main strategy for their attack should be to get Mane in space where he can either make the pass, dribble forward and then pass, or create his own opportunities. 

Liverpool has to control possession and the flow of the game

The Reds play best when they control possession. By possession, we don’t just mean time of possession. 

Control means that the Reds push their backers forward but don’t allow Benzema, or anyone else on Real, to get past the backline.

So Liverpool must control the flow of the game. If they push the backers too forward without having control of the flow, Real will have opportunities to counter. Possession is only a good thing if it leads to scoring opportunities for you, not your opponent.  

Favored Liverpool is a match away from winning the Champions League. If Pool follows the strategy outlined on this blog, they should have no trouble lifting the CL trophy and securing their third title of the season. 


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