Latest LaLiga Betting Rumors for 2021-22 Season

Latest LaLiga Betting Rumors for 2021-22 Season

Written by on June 3, 2021

The transfer window opens soon, which is why no soccer fan should be surprised that teams in La Liga are currently scrambling to free up cash to sign the biggest names in the sport. Real Madrid has long sought the services of Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappe. We start our La Liga update with information on that front. Then, we switch gears to discuss what’s happening at Barcelona. With that in mind, let’s get right to it so you can plan your bets against their LaLiga odds

LaLiga Rumors: Real Madrid Setting Board for Mbappe Transfer From PSG

2021-2022 LaLiga Season

  • When: Aug. 13, 2021 – May 2022

Real’s new manager Carlo Ancelotti ready to make a play for Mbappe but Ramos could be sabotaging Real’s attempt at Mbappe

Real Madrid has already found Zinedine Zidane’s replacement. Carlo Ancelotti is one of the most decorated club coaches and managers in history. Ancelotti should have no trouble helping Real regain their past glory.

One of the ways Ancelotti and Real want to do that is by transferring Kylian Mbappe from Paris to Madrid. Mbappe is one of the best players in the world. He, no doubt, would excel on the same team as Isco and Luka Modric.

But Mbappe to Real isn’t a done deal. In fact, rumor has it, Sergio Ramos, who appears on his way to Man City, has told his fellow Real teammates no to accept pay cuts so the team can sign Mbappe.

Ramos obviously has same hurt feelings regarding how Real has treated him. If Ramos’ supposed sabotaging works, Kylian could be on his way to play for Liverpool instead of landing at Real.   

Ronald Koeman’s son doesn’t even believe his dad remains at Camp Nou

Barcelona has yet to say whether Ronald Koeman remains Barcelona’s manager and coach. Per Ronald Jr., though, things don’t look great. 

RK Jr. said, “I hope my father trains here next season, but it is not up to me, it is the president’s decision. He is fine, he is not worried about his future, he trusts himself. We all want the decision to be made as soon as possible.”

Koeman Jr.’s words aren’t exactly inspiring. The senior Koeman is a good soccer manager. But everything Barca has done since club play ended is with a single, all-important focus, keep Lionel happy.

If Messi wants Koeman gone, there’s a good chance he’s gone. After reading the next section, it will be hard for anyone to deny that’s the case.  

Barcelona making moves to retain Messi

Here’s what Barcelona has done since the disappointing finish to their 2020-2021 season.

  1. Convince Sergio Aguero to sign with Barca for less money than going to Juventus
  2. Convince former Barcelona player Garcia to sign on a free transfer from Man City once his Sky Blues contract is up on July 1
  3. Signed Real Betis star Emerson Royal to a contract

Like Messi, Aguero is Argentinian. The pair know each other well. Why would Aguero go to Barcelona without talking to Lionel? He probably wouldn’t.

Eric Garcia and Messi also know each other. Don’t think for a moment that Messi didn’t know Barca planned on signing Garcia.

Royal was one of the most sought after players in La Liga. Emerson Royal to Barcelona is a move that deserves more press than its gotten.

There’s also a rumor that Barcelona is in line to sign 30-goal this season Villareal player Gerald Moreno. Barca’s attempt to create a winning team is to show Messi they mean business next season. 

Messi wants to pad his legacy. He doesn’t have to. He wants to. If Aguero and Messi, along with PSG player Angel Di Maria, can help Argentina win a World Cup in 2022, and Barcelona takes La Liga and the Champions League, Messi will have done something unfathomable.

Lionel Messi is all about creating history. Barcelona is trying to convince Messi his best chance of creating history is at Camp Nou. So far, every move Barca has made is with that in mind. 

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