Getting To Know The MLB Betting Totals System

Getting To Know The MLB Betting Totals System

The key to any successful pro baseball betting total odds wager is to find lines that have value. In simple terms, value is the difference between the true chances of a team winning and the price that come with the MLB Baseball total odds. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the MLB total systems that have proven to offer sustainable value in the baseball lines.

Getting To Know The MLB Betting Totals System

Shopping for Best MLB Total Odds

Different sites often have different game total odds for different games, which means that you need to identifying the best online sportsbooks that have the best odds for the games that you are interested in. By getting the best odds, you increase your chances of getting the best value on your wagers.

Know Your Teams

The most elementary rule about MLB totals is that you should be following the MLB teams closely, particularly their performances in the OVER/UNDER lines. The more you know about a team and how it fares against strong defensive/offensive teams, the more likely you are to know about how they will fare against each other.

Early Season and Late Season MLB Total System

When the season starts, teams are mostly learning about how to adapt to coaching systems or play as a group (especially those that have had several changes come in and out of the team), making it hard to figure out how the totals will play out in the early-season games. Meanwhile, the weather patterns in the months of April and early May tend to be shifty, which often affects pitchers and game totals. But once the clock hits June, teammates are familiar with each other and serious trends about OVER/UNDER totals are clearer. So, if you are looking for trustworthy trends, you are better off waiting until June when the trends are more defined, rather than early in the season when teams are sputtering OVERs and UNDERs in unpredictable fashion.

Umpires and Their Impact on MLB Totals

Umpires play an important role in game totals and if you can easily know whether a game is likely to go OVER or UNDER depending on the umpire officiating it. Does an umpire have a history of calling more strikes or ball? Do games tend to have fewer or more runs when a particular umpire is behind the plate? Knowing such tendencies can be a big difference-maker for your bets. Of course, you need to see a big and long-term proof of these coaches and the performances of teams when they are behind the plate before jumping on the MLB totals based on their numbers.