APR 07 - Early Season MLB Betting Mistakes

Early Season MLB Betting Mistakes

The 2017 MLB regular season just begun, and with a total of 162 games in each team’s calendar, you may want to avoid the costly, early season betting mistakes that put a lot of bettors in the red right out of the gate. There’s no need to worry, thanks to the expert MLB betting advice that you’re about to get, you’re going to be able to avoid some common errors that most bettors tend to make in the early going of each season. Now, let’s get started.

Here’s A Closer Look At The Early Season MLB Betting Mistakes


Pitch Perfect?

While the vast majority of baseball bettors know that good pitching, more than anything else, is the biggest determining factor in the outcome of baseball games, many of these same bettors will make miscalculations on how well a team will do because they’re simply looking at the starting rotation and bullpen.

One of the main things to consider when evaluating a baseball team’s pitching staff is factoring in injuries and depth. Meaning, you know a team has a strong pitching staff if there was tough competition for its fourth and fifth starter’s spots.

Also, you need to look at each team’s age and experience level throughout their pitching staff and what kind of talent they have in their farm system sine a call-up or two is not only likely, but damn near guaranteed. Remember, as the old adage goes, good pitching beats good hitting.

Oh Henry!

A lot of baseball bettors will forget to judge the real depth of a team’s hitters and simply look at their starters while forgetting about the depth of each teams’ bench contributors.

A team could appear to have a solid group of hitters – until someone goes down with a lengthy injury and then you find out that the team doesn’t have high quality backups or worse yet, a bare cupboard at the farm system levels. Make sure you know all about a team’s hitting depth.

Expecting the Best

One of the biggest mistakes baseball bettors make early in the season is expecting the best out of teams instead of preparing for the worst. Each spring, every team’s top young prospects are overly hyped (unless you’re Kris Bryant) and many bettors incorrectly believe that hype without considering the struggles young players – and many veterans – go through over the course of a regular season. While expecting the best is all fine and well from a fan’s perspective, baseball bettors need to prepare for the worst.

Look at the Big Picture

The vast majority of inexperienced baseball bettors will simply look at a team’s performance from the prior year and the transactions that team made and come to a conclusion on how that team will perform in the coming year while forgetting to look at the big picture.

This means many baseball bettors will forget to look at the other teams in a division or league and the changes that each of these teams made as well. For example, let’s say the Philadelphia Phillies are adding a big-time young prospect to their starting lineup, but the New York Mets and Washington Nationals both added two gifted hurlers to their respective rosters that are both expected to make big impacts. Then you need to think big picture and understand that the Mets’ and Nationals’ additions trump that of Philly’s and adjust your betting mindset accordingly.

Value Seekers

Numerous baseball betting buffs simply look at a team’s odds, whether they’re season-long props odds wagers or game-day wagers and go with whatever line or odds they see first when a bit of line shopping could have saved them a few bucks.

Maximize your chances of getting the best value that you can by doing a bit of line shopping. While it may not seem like much over one or two bets, you’ll really make the most out of your baseball betting bucks by line shopping the entire season.