How to Bet the MLB Grand Salami?

How to Bet the MLB Grand Salami

The Grand Salami is easily one of the most popular bets in the modern-day MLB betting lines. The MLB Grand Salami simply refers to a proposition bet that allows bettors to wager on the total number of runs that will be scored in all games on a particular day. A good number of sportsbooks not only allow you to choose the OVER/UNDER total runs on a given day, but they also have an option for picking the total number of home and away goals in a night’s action. Handicapping the Salami can be pretty simple, especially if you consider the MLB betting tips highlighted below.

How To Bet The MLB Grand Salami

Tips for Betting on the MLB Grand Salami

When betting on the MLB Grand Salami, you have to primarily consider the fact that the Oddsmakers usually know who the high-scoring and low-scoring teams are in the league, so the Salami lines are set appropriately depending on the teams that are in action. For example, if the high-scoring Toronto Blue Jays are playing, there is a possibility that the day will end up with more runs than usual, just in the same way games involving the highly-defensive Washington Nationals will likely drag down the total runs on a given day. Like the Oddsmakers, you should ensure that you are well-vast with such details and make your Salami picks accordingly.

Something else you should pay attention to is whether the teams involved in an MLB Grand Salami are playing on back-to-back nights. Obviously, teams playing like on the third or fourth night of back-to-back nights are likely to be tired, which could make them a bit lax in the defense. The final games of long road trips or even playing a crowded schedule (like the fifth game in six nights) can also have the same effect on the players.

Another important consideration when betting on MLB Grand Salami is the OVER/UNDER records of the teams playing on a given night. Generally, when you have a schedule that constitutes of more OVER teams, there is a high likelihood that the scores will be high. The exact opposite is true when you have more UNDER teams playing on a given day.

Moreover, you should take note that, during the MLB playoffs, the Grand Salami totals tend to be lower than for an equal amount of games during the regular season. This is based on the proven fact that most teams tend to play better defense in the playoffs than in the regular season. Not to mention, teams will focus on limiting the offensive stars from the opposing team while the pitchers also up the ante, often leading to cagey low-scoring affairs.

As a final tip, it is important to remember that a few games can screw up an MLB Grand Salami wager in a big way. If you are unsure about a couple of games, you are better off keeping away from the betting lines. There will always be a next time.