Worst Pitchers Betting System

If you are reading this, then it means that you probably know a thing or two about baseball betting, or you are an expert at matters baseball, but you are still interested on learning about the worst pitching betting system. Whichever group you belong to, it doesn’t really matter because the unique betting system we will be talking about here is one that can be used by all kinds of bettors. All you need is to at least have some basic knowledge about mathematics (mainly addition and subtraction) and a reliable (well-updated) source of information about baseball pitchers and their ERA, as well as teams and their ERA. The second element about the latest ERA is particularly important, as it could be the difference between making good money or incurring a bad loss. Sites like ESPN or CBS Sports and Yahoo Sports are a few possible options to get the ERA data needed for the system.

What then is baseball worst pitchers betting system?

Or better yet, how can it be used to make money in baseball betting lines? Well, while bouncing off ideas about MLB betting, a good friend of mine told me about this book he’d read and found very salient sportsbetting tips on baseball and football. Long story short, he told me some of the insights he’d found in the book, and with the intriguing lessons I learnt from him in the short time we talked, the adventurous me decided to look for the book to find the whole package. After failing to find it in my usual library, I eventually found a copy of it over the internet, Amazon to be specific, going for around $20. baseball If you’ll want to read the book for yourself, the name is Sports Betting: A Computer Expert’s Winning Secrets for Betting on Baseball and Football, written by Jim Jasper in 1979. According to Jasper (a brilliant man, he must be), you can find good value in the baseball odds by going against the worst pitchers in baseball. Now, before you rush to type “the worst pitchers in baseball” on your Google bar, take note that the system is a little complicated. In the system, a worst pitcher is defined based on his ERA, where you find a pitcher whose ERA has a big difference when compared to the ERA of his fellow pitching staff. For example, if a pitcher has a 7.00 ERA while the pitchers in the team have an average ERA of 5.50, the 1.5 runs difference is considered as not being that bad, or worse for that matter. But if a pitcher has a 7.00 ERA, yet the team averages a 2.50 ERA, then the 4.5 runs difference (which is evidently huge) is considered as worse.

How to use this betting system

  1. Compare the ERA of each starting pitcher in a team to the team’s ERA
  2. Find the 10 starting pitchers with the largest difference between their ERA and the team’s ERA.
  3. Bet against the 10 worst pitchers (from step II) until their ERA improves and they are no longer in the “worst” pitchers category or are shipped out of the team.
baseball-betting As a worthy note, it is advisable to bet against the “worst” pitchers on the run line in games that the pitchers are placed as large underdogs. By doing so, you will reduce the odds of you laying on the betting lines. In addition, ensure that the pitchers have started a good number of games (let’s say more than 5), as the numbers of pitchers who’ve played less games can be deceptively skewed, thus pushing you to make a wrong betting decision. As a final rule to the system, when you use the method and it helps you to rack up some good bucks, be sure to come back to us and say thank you! #JustKidding# On a serious note though, I’ve personally tested the method a good number of times and it’s worked like 6 out of every 10 times I’ve used it. I am therefore hoping it therefore works for you as well, probably in the same way it has worked for many other people out there. Otherwise, happy Sportsbetting and don’t forget to check our baseball betting section for other free baseball tips, guides and picks.
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