DEC 07 - What Are The Best Strategies For Betting On Soccer

What Are The Best Strategies For Betting On Soccer?

In-play betting and online sportsbooks have made it extremely easy for sports punters to bet on virtually any type of sport, but soccer betting arguably remains as the most wagered-on platform in the world. This is largely based on the popularity of soccer as a sport and the simplicity of betting on soccer lines. Even so, your success in betting on soccer lines can only go as far as your soccer betting strategies and systems are concerned. In accordance with this line of thinking and the need to make consistent winners out of all of us, we will be taking a look at some of the best strategies for betting on soccer in the online sportsbetting analysis below.

In Depth Analysis At What Are The Best Strategies For Betting On Soccer?


Both Teams to Score Strategy

As is implied by the name; betting on both teams to score simply means that you will get paid if both teams get on the scoresheet during regulation time. Not all games end up with both teams but signs such as fluid passing and robust attacking teams, poor defense units and high-staked games that involve crucial qualifications or championships often point towards games that are likely to end up with both teams scoring. The best way to assess the potential of both teams to score is to compare how the strikers and defenders compare on both sides, along with a keen assessment of previous goals scored and conceded by both sides.

Double Chance Betting Strategy

The dynamic nature of soccer means that you are never guaranteed to pick a winner. Underdog shocks are aplenty, draws occur at the most unexpected of circumstances and even the best of teams don’t win games consistently. This is where betting on a double-chance can come in as one of the best tools in your soccer betting arsenal. Essentially, a double chance means you can pick one team to either draw or win, or you opt for the increasingly available option of picking the game to have a winner (Team A or B winning) without necessarily specifying who will specifically get the victory. For example, in a game between Arsenal FC and Chelsea, you can pick Arsenal’s on double-chance where you win the bet in Arsenal draws or wins the game, or alternatively do the same for Chelsea. This betting strategy is best used as risk-management in iffy games that seem to have no clear winner, especially if the odds for the double chance are high enough to pay you decently.

Draw and Underdog Betting Strategies

If you are looking for value betting in soccer odds, then you have to strongly cultivate the culture of betting on value rather than constantly going for favorites as is often done by most recreational bettors. Favorites get to win games a good number of times, but most of them are usually pegged with low odds which rarely translate into good value. For the best values, your best options in soccer betting will most likely be found when betting on the draw or the underdog. So do not shy away from betting on underdog or a draw just because the odds look to good to be true. Of course, you have to analyze the teams involved before you settle on a sharp underdog or a good draw betting scenario, or else you will lose tons of money here.

Halftime/Fulltime Betting Strategy

In this strategy, you bet on who you think will win the game by halftime and fulltime, including instances that you feel there will be a draw result at halftime or fulltime. Too many scenarios can play out here, but the best part is that soccer sportsbooks readily offer a variety of options with great odds to accommodate the trouble you go into when predicting both the halftime and fulltime game standings. My most favorite option in this strategy is when you have a strong favorite who looks the part of scoring before halftime and then going on to win the game at fulltime. All you have to do in such an instance is to pick the favorite to win both at halftime and fulltime and you get paid easily.

Goal Handicap Betting Strategy

The winning margins in football are often low, so the goal handicapping strategy is a risky one. If you, for example, bet on a -1 handicap for the favorite, it means the favorite has to win by two goals for you to cash in. Alternatively, if you feel that the underdog is strong enough to secure a draw, upset the favorite or at least keep the win-margin within one goal; then you can bet on the other side of that -1 handicap. Like the halftime strategy, goal handicapping isn’t easy, but the books will reward you handsomely for your trouble in picking a handicapping winner.

Parlay/Multi Betting Strategy

This is another risky but highly rewarding soccer betting strategy. Here, a bettor combines two or more single bets in one betting ticket with the aim of reaping big profits from a small wager due to the cumulating value of the wagers. You should, however, note that you only get paid for a parlay or multi soccer bet if ALL the wagers are correct. If you lose on any of the multibet legs, the entire parlay is ruined and you will be paid nothing, so remember to be careful when adding wagers into the ticket.