Top League of Legends Matches to Bet On LEC 2022 Summer - Vitality v Excel, MAD v Fnatic Analysis

Top League of Legends Matches to Bet On: LEC 2022 Summer – Vitality v Excel, MAD v Fnatic Analysis

MyBookie is back with free Sports Online betting previews and predictions for a pair of League of Legends European Championship (LEC) 2022 Summer matches on Friday, June 24.

Today, we take a look at Team Vitality vs. Excel Esports and MAD Lions vs. Fnatic, who will lock horns on the first day of the second round. Let’s get right to it so you can bet against the League of Legends Odds.

Top LoL Games to Wager on Friday, June 24th | LEC 2022 Summer Predictions & Betting Analysis

Team Vitality vs Excel Esports

Team Vitality ended Week 1 of LEC 2022 Summer with a 2-1 record, which isn’t terrible, but it’s not great either – at least for their standards. Obviously, losing one game is not a disaster, and you can’t really say that Vitality haven’t performed well this season.

This explains why Vitality are entering this match as -163 favorites, which does seem like a fair price. But we’re still very early into the season, and given how the games have played out so far, we would be careful about giving one team a tag as a firm favorite.

Excel Esports are 2-1 with a defeat against G2 Esports and back-to-back wins against Misfits and Fnatic, which is an impressive record for their standards. Individually, this is not a very strong team, but Excel Esports play like a cohesive unit, making them very tough to beat if you can’t crack them early.

This should produce an interesting affair between vastly superior Vitality and Excel, who are a live underdog to steal the spotlight. But their success will heavily rely on whether Vitality will make mistakes and allow Excel to take over. 

At +120, the number on Excel is a bit too low for us to pull the trigger, and we’re not too excited about Vitality at -163 either. So instead, we’ll side with Excel with a +5.5 kill handicap, which should be enough as long as the game doesn’t turn into a bloodbath early on.

Prediction: Excel Esports +5.5 kills -120

MAD Lions vs Fnatic

This should be an interesting match, featuring MAD Lions with a new mid laner in Nisqy, going against his former team, who cut him from the roster and left him on the bench for the entire split. There is some revenge narrative to follow in this match, but will Nisqy’s hunger to prove to his former team that they’ve made a mistake be enough for MAD Lions to upset Fnatic?

It is possible. MAD Lions look much better with Nisqy in the mid lane, and we believe that many people will want to bet on MAD Lions as underdogs, and rightly so. They won against Vitality and had a fairly easy time defeating SK Gaming, but then fell against Rogue, who sneakily won the game by stealing the Dragon Soul.

Were MAD Lions a better team on the day? Probably, but a small mistake cost them a perfect 3-0 week.

Fnatic have looked good so far this split, and besides their defeat against Excel, there is not much not to like about this team. Admittedly, Fnatic still make silly mistakes, but individually, this is a very strong team that can contest the LEC title.

At +137, MAD Lions are an appealing choice since they have a realistic chance of beating Fnatic, but the offered odds seem about fair, so we’re not too interested in betting on any team. Instead, we’ll go for over 25.5 kills at -125.

In the current scaling meta and the teams’ preference to fight as often as possible, this could be a bloody affair, assuming one side doesn’t take off with a massive lead in the early game and closes out the series quickly.

Prediction: Over 25.5 kills


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