NBA Championship Odds Favorites, Smart Pick, Longshot Option for Week 15

NBA Championship Odds Favorites, Smart Pick, Longshot Option for Week 15

When it comes to betting, especially on futures, we all take a different approach. Some will bet on a team to win the championship before a single game has been played, while other will keep track of the odds throughout the season and strike when they think the best value is on the board. Then you have those who wait until the entire regular season has been played before placing a wager. There is no right or wrong way to do it, but for those of you still watching the NBA Championship Odds, we are going to take a look at the NBA to see what those odds are right now, and which teams might be in the mix to win it all. With that in mind, let’s get right to it.

Updated 2023 NBA Championship Betting Odds After Week 14 Action

The Current Favorites

It is the Boston Celtics who are in as the favorite right now at odds of +370. Given that they have the best record in the league at the midway point of the season, this does not come as a huge surprise. One thing to note here, though, is that they do not have the best record in conference games, so might that prove to be a factor. They also have a pair of Eastern Conference teams hot on their heels on the bookies board.

The Brooklyn Nets are at +670, and it is they who have the most wins (20) in conference play. They have gone cold at the moment, but this is a team to keep an eye on. The Milwaukee Bucks (+700) are also right there, but they went off the boil a little with Giannis on the sidelines with injury. If he stays healthy, look out.

As for the Western Conference, the team with the lowest odds is the Denver Nuggets, who are currently at +830 to win it all. The Golden State Warriors, the defending champions, are at +860, but unless they get their road woes sorted, they are going to be a tough pick.

Dark Horses & Potential Surprises

Let’s start by talking about the Memphis Grizzlies here, as they are just a half game out of 1st in the Western Conference, but they are currently at odds of +1025 to win the championship this season. If they can go on a second half run and nab the #1 seed, they are going to be a tough out when you consider that they are sitting at 20-3 on home court.

As far as a real dark horse goes in the West, how about the New Orleans Pelicans? They are at +2100 right now and have gone off the boil of late. They have a legit game changer in Zion Williamson, but his injury issues since arriving in the league is some cause for concern.

In the East, the Philadelphia 76ers are quietly going about their business and are in the #3 seed right now after winning 8 of their last 10 games. They are at 17-10 in conference play, and you can get the at odds of +1625, which might be as good as it gets if they continue to roll in the second half of the season.


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