NBA Betting Power Rankings – Nov 12th

Written by on November 12, 2015

After two weeks of NBA betting season play, let’s see how the 30 teams in the Association stack up:

philadelphia-76ers# 30 Philadelphia 76ers (0-8)

One bright spot is T.J. McConnell, who is in the league’s top five in assists (7.5 per game).

brooklyn-nets# 29 Brooklyn Nets (1-7)

The Nets score fewer points than anyone else so far this year.

los-angeles-lakers# 28 L.A. Lakers (1-7)

Byron Scott needs to give his rookie point guard D’Angelo Russell a gentler hand, but Scott is feeling the pressure.

denver-nuggets# 27 Denver Nuggets (4-4)

Danilo Gallinari is leading the team with 18.7 points per game, but Emmanuel Mudiay is the most exciting Nugget so far.

los-angeles-kings# 26 Sacramento Kings (2-7)

The kings were 1-1, but they aren’t anymore. DeMarcus Cousins returns from injury this week, so there’s hope.

minnesota-timberwolves# 25 Minnesota Timberwolves (4-3)

One bright spot: opponents only shoot 39.2% against the Wolves, lowest in the NBA.

new-orleans-pelicans# 24 New Orleans Pelicans (1-7)

This team should be better than 0-6, thanks to Anthony Davis, which is why they’re still this high.

new-york-knicks# 23 New York Knicks (4-5)

Did you think Kristpas Porzingis would be this good already? It’s OK if you didn’t; I didn’t either.

charlotte-hornets# 22 Charlotte Hornets (4-4)

This team could rise quickly, beating the Bulls by 25 and routing the Mavericks two nights later.

phoenix-suns# 21 Phoenix Suns (3-4)

The Suns need better team play if they’re going to get a playoff spot.

orlando-magic# 20 Orlando Magic (4-5)

The Magic are solid so far, playing tight defense and holding opponents to 41% shooting.

portland-trail-blazers# 19 Portland Trail Blazers (4-5)

C.J. McCollum and Damian Lillard are a pleasant surprise, leading the league in backcourt scoring.

indiana-pacers# 18 Indiana Pacers (5-4)

Paul George has recovered from his broken leg and is contributing mightily at small forward.

boston-celtics# 17 Boston Celtics (3-4)

The Celtics play faster than any other team in the Association. On defense, Marcus Smart is leading the way.

dallas-mavericks# 16 Dallas Mavericks (4-4)

Dwight Powell, who is part of the Mavericks’ plan at center since DeAndre Jordan resigned with the Clippers, is outscoring Jordan right now.

milwaukee-bucks# 15 Milwaukee Bucks (4-5)

The Bucks have won four in a row, but they’re still the worst rebounders in the NBA.

washington-wizards# 14 Washington Wizards (3-4)

The Wizards turned the ball over a combined 49 times in losses to Atlanta and Boston. John Wall is terrific but is committing five turnovers per night.

memphis-grizzlies# 13 Memphis Grizzlies (3-6)

The Grizzlies got blown out three times in one week.

detroit-pistons# 12 Detroit Pistons (5-3)

Reggie Jackson is the one keeping Detroit in the headlines.

utah-jazz# 11 Utah Jazz (4-3)

The Jazz are only permitting 85 points per game, lowest in the NBA.

chicago-bulls# 10 Chicago Bulls (5-3)

The Bulls have beaten the Thunder and the Cavaliers…and lost to the Timberwolves.

toronto-raptors# 9 Toronto Raptors (6-3)

The Raptors lost to both the Heat and the Magic, but DeMarre Carroll is still a force.

miami-heat# 8 Miami Heat (5-3)

Dwyane Wade is looking his age, but the bench is keeping the Heat in contention.

houston-rockets# 7 Houston Rockets (4-4)

Formerly 0-3, the Rockets have ridden James Harden to a four-game winning streak.

los-angeles-clippers# 6 L.A. Clippers (5-3)

Chris Paul’s strained groin means the Clips need a good ballhandling distributor.

oklahoma-city-thunder# 5 Oklahoma City Thunder (5-3)

The Thunder lost three in a row – all to playoff-caliber squads. Westbrook and Durant are still jelling again; this will be a contender.

atlanta-hawks# 4 Atlanta Hawks (8-2)

The Hawks have won seven straight and might be more talented than we thought. Kent Bazemore dropped 25 in a rout of the Wizards.

san-antonio-spurs# 3 San Antonio Spurs (6-2)

Kawhi Leonard is off to the best offensive start of his career.

cleveland-cavaliers# 2 Cleveland Cavaliers (7-1)

After losing in the opener to Chicago, the Cavs have not lost. They might be coasting, but that’s all right for now.

golden-state-warriors# 1 Golden State Warriors (9-0)

A scary thing: the Warriors are undefeated, and Klay Thompson has yet to score 20 in a game.