NBA Week 12 Betting Picks & Predictions for this Week's Best Matches

NBA Week 12 Betting Picks & Predictions for this Week’s Best Matches

We are fast approaching the midway point of the NBA regular season, with the battles in both conferences still looking rather tight at the moment. You have to say that no clear favorite has emerged as of yet, which makes us wonder of any team will be able to step it up a gear in the second half or whether we are going to see a tight struggle all the way to the end. I am certainly hoping for the latter of those two options. With things still very close, the large majority of the games on the upcoming schedule look important to the standings and the playoff race, but we have picked one game from the next 4 days that we like, so let’s get to it and see the NBA Odds to make your bets.

Top Week 12 Betting Matchups and Picks for this Week

New Orleans Pelicans at Philadelphia 76ers – Monday

For me, this is easily the standout game on the Monday night schedule. The 76ers have the misfortune of playing in the same division as Boston and Brooklyn, both of whom have been very good this season. Despite that, Philly is still at the #5 spot in the Eastern Conference with a record of 21-14. The Pelicans are at 23-13 in the Western Conference, just a game out of the top spot, but they have been slipping of late, going 5-5 in their last 10 overall. The Pelican beat the 76ers 127-116 at home earlier in the season, but this might be a tougher task.

Sacramento Kings at Utah Jazz – Tuesday

It’s a quiet schedule on Tuesday night, with just 3 games set to go. This looks to be a fantastic Western Conference matchup and we can only hope that this one is as good as their first meeting this season, a game that the Kings won by a score of 126-125. The Kings are 19-16 on the season and clinging to the #6 spot in the West, while the Jazz are 19-20 and down in the last spot in the play-in section of the standings. I think we get another close one here, but with the Jazz at 12-7 on home court, they might just get revenge for that prior loss.

Phoenix Suns at Cleveland Cavaliers – Wednesday

To give you an example of just how tight things are, take a look at the Phoenix Suns. They have 20 wins on the season, just 4 fewer than the conference leading Nuggets, yet they find themselves down in the play-in zone. A big part of their problem this season has been playing on the road, going 6-12 away from home. On the flipside, the Cavaliers have been great at home, going 16-4 on their way to a 23-14 record, which has them at #4 in the East. That would suggest that the Cavs are clear favorites here, but this should be a close one.

Boston Celtics at Dallas Mavericks – Thursday

This is easily one of the best games on the schedule this week, with the #1 team in the East taking on the #4 team in the West. Boston is 26-11 on the season, which gives them a 1 ½ game lead at the top of the Eastern Conference. Dallas is 21-16 on the season and are running hot, closing out last week on a 6-game winning streak. Given that run and the fact that they are 15-5 in their own building this season, they will not be overawed by the Celtics. Might we be looking at an upset in this one?

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