Best 2020 NFL Regular Season Record Predictions

Best 2020 NFL Regular Season Record Predictions

Written by on December 24, 2020

Who Will End the Regular Season with the Best Record? After the events of Monday night in Week 15 of the regular season, this is a question to which it looks as though we already have an answer. The Steelers are on the slide, which we will get into in a moment, while the Kansas City Chiefs continue to grind out wins. A few short weeks ago, this would have been a much tougher question to answer, but it’s easier now. With 2 weeks to go in the NFL regular season, the Chiefs look to be a good bet to take the #1 seed and get an opening round bye in the playoffs, although stranger things have happened. Let’s take a closer look at both teams and make some predictions as to how this season might play out for them so can continue making your bets against their NFL odds.

Steelers or Chiefs? Who Will End the Regular Season with the Best Record?

Kansas City Chiefs (13-1)

At this point, the Chiefs are in total control of their own destiny. At 13-1, they have long since clinched the West Division crown. They also now only need 1 win from their final 2 games to clinch the #1 seed in the AFC, which means that all roads to the playoffs would need to go through Arrowhead Stadium. Their Week 16 game looks to be a bit of a lock, as they will be up against an Atlanta Falcons team that looks to have quit on the season already. That is a home game, as is their final matchup of the season, which sees the LA Chargers come to town. Even if the Chiefs have already clinched and decide to rest some guys, you would also like them to win that one.

If there is an area of concern for KC right now, it’s that they are winning a lot of very tight games, oftentimes against teams that they were highly favored to beat handily. Is that a cause for concern right now? Maybe not, as it would certainly be more troubling if they were losing some of those games. Still, they might not be able to bail out of close games in the playoffs when going against much tougher opposition.

Pittsburgh Steelers (11-3)

Through the first 11 weeks of the season, the Steelers looked invincible, but that has now all gone away rather quickly. After losing to Cincinnati on Monday night, the Steelers have now lost 3 in a row and look like a team with no identity. In fairness, this is a team that has been impacted by a pair of games being moved because of COVID issues with their opponents, a situation that led to them playing 3 games in 12 days at one point. With that in mind, it is perhaps no real surprise that injuries are beginning to add up.

The Steelers will have a tough couple of weeks ahead of them, starting this weekend when they host the Indianapolis Colts. If they lose that one, they then need to go on the road to face the Cleveland Browns in a game that might well decide who wins the AFC North. The need to win that division and guarantee themselves a home game in the first round, otherwise we might potentially be looking at an early exit.

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