NFL Playoffs Odds & Betting Predictions: NFC Teams to Win It All

NFL Playoffs Odds & Betting Predictions: NFC Teams to Win It All

As the NFL Playoffs continue and the number of teams alive is whittled down, it’s interesting to take a comprehensive look at how the markets have reacted and which teams are the shortest prices. With the Super Bowl just two games (and two rounds away), the prices have begun to get shorter and shorter, and the value is abating.

In this piece, we will look at the NFC teams and how the markets value them when it comes to hoisting the trophy in Phoenix when all is said and done. This historically has been the best week to grab some value and potentially hold a ticket significantly greater than the price come February. With that being said, let’s dive into the analysis so you can bet on their NFL Playoffs Odds.

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Lay of the Land

The two biggest favorites come from the AFC, Kansas City, and Buffalo. Both have consensus prices of 3.5-1 or below, with KC even being 2.9-1 in one place. With prices that short, bettors siding with other teams could reap potential rewards.

While there’s no doubting the championship pedigree of KC and Buffalo, they certainly have flaws with them. In our estimation, they are NOT worth investing in at these short prices. While the risk is somewhat large in taking a team such as the Chiefs or Bills compared to the Eagles, the reward is much less.

Other AFC teams include the defending conference victor Cincy valued at 8-1, and Jacksonville at 35-1.

Meanwhile in the Other Conference

With the exception of one place, bettors can get the 49ers at 4-1 and even a tad higher if they shop around. San Francisco offers decent value. However, they will likely need to win a road playoff game in the conference championship to make the Super Bowl. While this could seem daunting, let’s look at the facts as 5 of the last eight conference champs were on the road in the final game, including the Niners, whose road to the 2019 Super Bowl took them to the frozen tundra of Green Bay to punch their ticket.

Philadelphia will not have to leave the Linc before the Super Bowl as long as they keep up their winning ways. They’ll have to get past the Giants for the third time this year and then face an extremely familiar opponent in Dallas or San Francisco. Eagles are priced as low as 4.75-1 and as high as 5.5-1.

Dallas is priced anywhere from 8-1 to 10-1 and, in our estimation, represents the best value of any team still left playing, regardless of conference. Cowboys will look to become the second 5 seed to advance all the way to the Super Bowl should they win.

The reason we like America’s team: while they are going on the road in the divisional semifinal, it’s not like they will be facing brutal weather as temps in Santa Clara will be in the high 50’s this weekend. Also, the Cowboys have seemingly found their stride going on the road and defeating a Tampa Bay team that may not have a great record but was led by the sport’s best quarterback of all time, and that counts for something.

The Giants can be bought for 35-1 at some shops and are also a decent value. Anytime you get a red-hot team and coming off a road playoff win is encouraging. Momentum is a big part of the NFL, and quite frankly, we’re surprised that the markets have not adjusted since the Eagles and Niners are far from dominant teams.

In the end, we recommend investing in Dallas to emerge from the NFC.


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