NFL 2022 Preseason Week 4 Betting Picks Teams That Most Likely Will Win Their Game

NFL 2022 Preseason Week 4 Betting Picks: Teams That Most Likely Will Win Their Game

If you are anything like me, you are probably ready for the end of preseason and the start of the regular season. The games through the first 2 weeks of the preseason have been highly unpredictable, which is exactly what you would expect. The harsh reality is that the best players on evert team don’t see much action, while the play calling is vanilla across the board. We might see some more of the starters in the final week of preseason action, but I wouldn’t count on it. As always, we are going to pick some winners and losers for the coming week, but we again have to say that you should be careful when wagering on these games, as you never really know what you are going to get. With that in mind, let’s jump right into action so you don’t miss your chance to bet against the NFL Preseason Odds.

Sure Winners Preseason Week 4 | 2022 NFL Betting Analysis

Buffalo Bills over Carolina Panthers

The Bills will head into the regular season as the favorite to win the Super Bowl and are showing that they mean business even in the preseason. They have won both their games to this point and have amassed 69 points in those outings, more than any other team in the league. They will close out the preseason on the road at the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers have announced that Baker Mayfield will be their starting QB this season, so I would think he will get some time in the final preseason game. I don’t think that’ll make too much of a difference, as I like the Bills to roll again.

Baltimore Ravens over Washington Commanders

We always say that you should never get too carried away when watching the preseason games, but even though these games are meaningless, there are some cool trends that could have an impact on how you wager. If you have made a habit of playing the Baltimore Ravens to win in the preseason, you are probably sitting on a nice little wad of cash at the moment. They come into the final matchup on a 22-game winning streak in the preseason. That is a ridiculous record, to the point that it is tough to even consider betting against them. You have to like their chances again this week against the Commanders, who have struggled in the preseason, going 0-2 and managing just 35 points in those 2 games. I’m on the Ravens to make it preseason win #23 in a row.

Pittsburgh Steelers over Detroit Lions

While not quite in full rebuild mode, the Pittsburgh Steelers are heading into the new season with their QB status up in the air. The Big Ben era is over and there is a battle going on for the #1 spot in the Steel City. The good news for the Steelers is that all 3 guys on their roster have looked very good in the preseason, helping the Steelers get to a 2-0 record. They will try to end the preseason with a perfect record, which could make the job of picking the starter a little bit tougher. They will close out at home to the Detroit Lions, who have shown some positive signs over the past couple of weeks. I still like the Steelers to get the job done in their own building.


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