NFL Super Bowl 57 Betting Tips for the Big Game Between Chiefs and Eagles

NFL Super Bowl 57 Betting Tips for the Big Game Between Chiefs and Eagles

After 18 weeks of the regular season and three rounds of playoffs, there are two teams standing: the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles. The two squads, who had the best records in their respective conferences, will head to Phoenix for Super Bowl 57.

The much-anticipated matchup between two of the sport’s most rabid fanbases will take place on February 12. Until then, brace yourself for two weeks of stories…and some non-stories, as well as literally hundreds of opinions from experts and so-called experts leading up to the Big Game. A few known storylines that will emerge, or already have, is the health of Kansas City QB Patrick Mahomes, the fact that Andy Reid, currently the Chiefs head man, used to coach the Eagles and that brothers Travis (Chiefs) and Jason Kelce (Eagles) will be lining up against each other. Let’s check out our NFL guide for the big game so you can get ready to bet against the Super Bowl Odds.

Betting Advice for the NFL Super Bowl LVII Title Matchup

It’s Only One Game

Yes, the Super Bowl is the final chapter of the NFL season, it is the sport’s biggest game. Heck, it has even evolved into a national holiday in this country, and its viewership is ginormous. National and local radio and television shows will be camped out for the next two weeks in Phoenix, and the game will dominate your newsfeeds, radio, and television screens.

Our advice for seasoned bettors is not to fall victim to the hype and literally hundreds and picks and trust your instincts. Whatever angles have been working for you all season and have made you successful, stick with them.

At the present time, the markets have this as an extremely close game, with the Eagles favored by 2.5. That number is likely to fluctuate some as the game gets closer. However, given the sheer handle worldwide on the game, it takes a huge wager to move a Super Bowl line, as history has shown. For anyone waiting for the game to become a pick ‘em or the Chiefs to be getting 4 points….well, you may be waiting for something that is not coming.

The Prop Market

In addition to the point spread, total, alternate total there’s also props. And when we say props, there will be hundreds of them to whet the bettors’ appetite. These props not only cater to serious bettors but to casual fans and have become a phenomenon unto themselves.

Most seasoned bettors will tell you that the easiest ways to find holes in the market to expose a bookmaker’s mistake is deep within the bowels of the prop market. While that adage definitely applies to a Week 7 game, it is harder to do come the Super Bowl. However, every year there are one or two props that seem to be low-hanging fruit for veteran gamblers.

Our advice when it comes to betting things such as the coin toss outcome or the length of the national anthem is to conserve your bankroll and save it for either a stronger play on the game or a more significant investment on a prop. However, do yourself a favor and don’t track all of the so-called expert picks throughout the next 14 days or so, you’ll be chasing your proverbial tail as they will bring much more confusion than clarity.


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