Premier League Betting Rumors For The 2021-22 Season

Premier League Betting Rumors For The 2021-22 Season

Written by on May 26, 2021

All European soccer leagues have a short offseason. The English Premier League is no different. The new Premier season starts on August 14. Check out the latest rumors regarding top EPL players and teams so you can plan your bets against their Premier League odds

English Premier League Rumors: Man City May Target Kane and Messi

2021-2022 English Premier League

  • When: Aug. 14, 2021 – May 22, 2022

Man City, United, the Blues all considering making a play for Kane

Harry Kane said he wants to play somewhere else this season. The star striker is under contract with Tottenham for another 3 years. Rumor is Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy will ask for a 150 million euros transfer fee or an equivalent player swap.

Supposedly, four EPL teams have contacted Levy about trading for Kane. Those likely four EPL teams are Man United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool.

Among the four, Chelsea looks like a longshot. Thomas Tuchel would love to have Kane on the team for sure. But the Blues don’t have a comparable player.

Man City has enough money to do pretty much anything they want. However, Pep Guardiola’s squad could decide to pursue Messi. We discuss that later on in this blog.

United could make a play for Kane. The Red Devils are desperate for Dortmund star Jadon Sancho, though. Putting together a deal that sends Sancho and Kane to Old Trafford could be asking too much.

Liverpool may have contacted Tottenham. The Reds are the least likely of the Premier teams to trade for Kane. Pool doesn’t have the assets and a 150 million euros transfer fee is close to out of the question.    

Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain could also make a play for Kane

Real Madrid wants to win every year. RM doesn’t sit on their laurels, which is why Real could make a big play for Harry Kane.

RM can afford the transfer fee. They also have enough assets on the roster to do a players for Kane swap. 

Like Real, Paris Saint-Germain has enough money for the likely transfer fee. Also like Real, PSG can make a players for Kane swap. If Kylian Mbappe moves on from Paris, and Erling Haaland doesn’t end up at Parc de Princes, expect PSG to go after Kane. 

If Messi leaves Barca, Man City is at the top of the list

Anybody who has paid attention to international soccer the past few years knows that Man City skipper Pep Guardiola and the great Lionel Messi have a special relationship. Messi blossomed under Pep’s tutelage.

Guardiola wants to make a deal for Messi to put on a Sky Blues kit next season. According to reports, Messi is asking for 25 million euros after tax for the upcoming season with an options for a second season.

Does Manchester City require Messi’s services? They don’t. But will Man City take Messi on board if they can work out a deal? Absolutely, they would.

City has a shot to win the Champions League on Saturday, which means Guardiola’s squad can complete the EPL / UCL double. With Messi in the fold, Man City will have the current player on the pitch in Kevin De Bruyne as well as the greatest player of all time in Lionel Messi. 

Who would pass up that chance?  

Chelsea and Man City would prefer Erling Haaland over Kane

Both the Blues and City love the idea of Harry Kane on their team. But make no mistake, Chelsea and the Sky Blues prefer Dortmund striker Erling Haaland over Harry Kane.

This past season, Haaland scored 26 goals and had 6 assists in the Bundesliga. He scored 10 goals in Champions League play. 

Haaland may already be the best striker in the world. That’s a moniker that Harry Kane has never, and probably never, will achieve. So it makes sense that both Thomas Tuchel at Chelsea and Pep Guardiola at Manchester City want Haaland over Kane. 

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