USA vs Czech Republic Betting Analysis - SheBelieves Cup Odds

USA vs Czech Republic Betting Analysis – SheBelieves Cup Odds

On Thursday, the United States host the Czech Republic in the 2022 SheBelieves Cup. The match happens at around 8:00 pm PT and 11:00 pm ET. The battle takes place at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California. The odds imply the Czech Republic has no shot. Is that the case? Or can the underdogs pull off one of the greatest upsets in soccer history? Check out SheBelieves Cup odds, analysis, and a free pick for the Czech Republic against the United States. 

SheBelives Cup Odds: Soccer Betting Preview for United States vs Czech Republic

Czech Republic vs USA Betting Odds and Match Info

  • When: Thursday, Feb. 17 at 11:00 pm ET
  • Where: Dignity Health Sports Park, Carson, CA  

Why bet on the Czech Republic versus the United States?

The Czech Republic hasn’t played well in their last 4 matches. But although the Czechs have lost 3-of-4, the draw happened versus, arguably, the best team they’ve faced in their last 4. Canada sends a decent soccer team to the pitch. If the Czech Republic can force a draw with the Canadians, why couldn’t they force a draw with the Americans?

Czech Republic Last 5

  • L – 0-5 vs. Poland
  • D – 0-0 vs. Canada
  • L – 2-3 vs. England
  • L – 6-2 vs. Australia 

Czech Republic predicted starting lineup

  • Votikova
  • Necidova
  • Bertholdova
  • Pochmanova
  • Vystejnova
  • Dlaskova
  • Buzkova
  • Cahynova
  • Khyrova
  • Slajsova
  • Vonkova

Why bet on the United States versus the Czech Republic?

The United States has won 3 with 2 draws in their last 5. When Team USA is on, they’re impossible to beat. In fact, they dominate, like the 6-0 win against South Korea or the 3-0 victory over Australia. The 8-0 win against Paraguay is another match where the United States romped. It’s not if Team USA will beat the Czech Republic, it’s by how many goals.  

United States Last 5

  • D – 1-1 vs. Australia
  • W – 0-3 vs. Australia
  • W – 6-0 vs. South Korea
  • D – 0-0 vs. South Korea
  • W – 8-0 vs. Paraguay 

United States predicted starting lineup

  • Murphy
  • Davidson
  • Cook
  • Fox
  • Huerta
  • Sullivan
  • Horan
  • Lavelle
  • Weaver
  • Williams
  • Purce

United States vs Czech Republic Betting Analysis

Drawing with Canada shows the Czechs do have some talent. The problem, though, is that the Czech Republic hasn’t played, or at least hasn’t played in a recorded match, since June last year. 

Facing the United States is difficult enough. But facing Team USA after having not played after eight months isn’t fair. The United States has the best women’s soccer program in the world.

Team USA is a World Cup quality squad. The Czech Republic isn’t. Not only that, but this happens in the U.S.

So unless the Americans don’t show up, or play with zero enthusiasm, the Czech Republic is in for a long evening. The United States should win this by at least 4 goals and could win by up to 10. The odds are horrible, but the United States straight up is the only play. 

SheBelieves Cup Betting Pick: United States  


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