NBA Future Odds that You Can Still Bet On

NBA Future Odds that You Can Still Bet On

The NBA Playoffs’ fist round series come to a conclusion this week, but that doesn’t mean there are zero NBA future odds opportunities.

Check out updated NBA betting lines on the Eastern Conference, Western Conference, and Finals along with free picks.

You can still bet on the NBA Conference Finals and NBA Finals


NBA Future Odds that You Can Still Bet On | MyBookie NBA Previews

2023 NBA Playoffs: Saturday, April 15 – Sunday, June 18


NBA Eastern Conference Finals Odds

Top Pick: Boston Celtics +120
The Celtics are an unstoppable force. Sure, Boston lost a game to the Atlanta Hawks in the first round series. But Bean Town bounced back with a massive 8 points, 129-121, win in Game 4.

The Celtics should close things out in Game 5. Boston can handle Milwaukee or the 76ers, their top competition in the East.  

Top Underdog Pick: Miami Heat +4000
Miami has a lot of work left to knock out the 1-seed Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks have played the first three games without Giannis Antetokounmpo. Giannis stepped onto the court in the first matchup, but then he got hurt.

Still, beating Milwaukee 130-117 in Game 1 and 121-99 in Game 3 tells us the Heat are doing much more than just taking advantage of Antetokounmpo’s injury. Let’s not forget that Miami was a Jimmy Butler drive away from possibly making it to the NBA Finals last season.

Give the Heat their props. Miami is good.

NBA Eastern Conference: Top Pick: Celtics / Underdog Pick: Heat | Bet NBA Eastern Conference
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NBA Western Conference Finals Odds

Top Pick: Los Angeles Lakers +700
If the Lakers stay healthy, that means LeBron and Anthony Davis continue to play, LAL will win the Western Conference. The team is loaded past the Big Three of Davis, LeBron, and point guard DeAngelo Russell.

Rui Hachimura, Troy Brown Jr., Malik Beasley, Austin Reaves, Mo Bamba, Tristan Thompson, and Jarred Vanderbilt all contribute. Los Angeles wins the West.

Top Underdog Pick: Sacramento Kings +1200
The Kings are a shot away from having a 3-1 lead over Golden State. Sacramento is a better team than the Warriors.

Don’t be surprised when Sacramento wins the series and then marches to the second round. The Kings can beat 4-seed Phoenix, who is only getting past the Clippers because Kawhi Leonard is hurt.

NBA Western Conference: Top Pick: Lakers / Underdog Pick: Kings | Bet NBA Western Conference
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NBA Finals Odds

  • Boston Celtics +250
  • Milwaukee Bucks +350
  • Phoenix Suns +410
  • Philadelphia 76ers +750
  • Denver Nuggets +950
  • Golden State Warriors +850
  • Los Angeles Lakers +2000
  • New York Knicks +3500
  • Sacramento Kings +3900
  • Memphis Grizzlies +5500
  • Miami Heat +13000
  • Cleveland Cavaliers +11000
  • Los Angeles Clippers +50000
  • Minnesota Timberwolves +50000
  • Atlanta Hawks +50000

Top Pick: Boston Celtics +250
The Celtics should beat any team they face in the NBA Finals. Boston has been locked in since the first game.

Few times this season the Celtics have struggled, and they never struggled for long stretches periods.

In last season’s Finals, the Cs struggled at the point-guard position. Brogdon is one of the best PGs in hoops and he comes off the pine. No team can bring a player of Malcolm Brogdon’s quality off the bench.

Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum are focused. Al Horford and Robert Willieams III are both healthy. Marcus Smart is playing lock down D. The Boston Celtics win the NBA Finals.

Top Underdog Pick: Los Angeles Lakers +2000
Boston beats the Lakers in the NBA Finals but it won’t be easy. For sure, LeBron, AD, and DeAngelo are going to push the Celtics.

Expect a 7-game classic between the two most successful franchises in NBA History. Every time Tatum and Brown punch, LeBron and Davis will counter punch. The game is going to come to down to the bench and as deep as the Lakers’ bench is, it doesn’t boast a player on Brogdon’s or Williams III’s level.

Boston should win the series, but the Lakers are going to make the 2023 NBA Finals a classic.

NBA Finals: Top Pick: Celtics / Underdog Pick: Lakers | Bet NBA Finals
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