NBA Playoffs Betting Predictions for Eastern and Western Conferences

NBA Playoffs Betting Picks for Eastern and Western Conferences

It seems hard to believe, but we have just 3 weeks remaining in the NBA regular season. Yes, the NBA playoffs are almost upon us, but there are still plenty of spots to be filled as we head into those final few weeks. Time is running out for those teams on the outside looking in, but there are still enough games remaining for seedings to change and for teams to get out of the play-in zone and into a more favorable position. We thought it might be fun to take a closer look at the standings and predict how things might play out over the next 3 weeks, so let’s break it all down by conference to consider the NBA odds.


NBA Playoffs picture with 3 weeks left of Regular Season


Eastern Conference

The Milwaukee Bucks and the Boston Celtics have already punched their postseason ticket, which comes as no real surprise. For me, the Bucks look likely to end up with the #1 seed, as they have a 2 ½ game lead over Boston at the moment. The Celtics, though, are in danger of slipping even further after leading the way for much of the season. They have the Philadelphia 76ers breathing down their neck, with Philly in great form after winning 8 of their last 10.

The top 3 looks set in stone, while the Cleveland Cavaliers look set to hold onto the #4 seed, as they are currently 3 games up on the Knicks, who should be locked in at #5 given that the Brooklyn Nets are sinking.

The Miami Heat could potentially climb out of the play-in zone and take over from the Nets, especially if Brooklyn’s 3-game losing skid extends even further. I think Atlanta, Toronto, and Chicago will be the final 3 teams in the play-in, as I can’t see any of the teams below that line making a late run, since they are all struggling right now.

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Western Conference

The Denver Nuggets are the only team to have clinched a playoff spot in the West, plus they look like a good bet for the #1 seed, as they are 3 ½ games up on Memphis. It looks to be a battle between Memphis and Sacramento for the #2 spot, as they are a game apart and well ahead of the chasing pack.

This is where things start to get really interesting, as we have seeds 4 through 10 separated by just 3 games. It’s incredibly tight at the moment, and tighter still down in the play-in zone, as we also have a pair of teams, the Lakers and Pelicans, within a game of the final play-in spot.

The Suns and Clippers look like a good bet to stay in the top 6, but the Golden State Warriors, who occupy the #6 seed right now, make me a little nervous. They have been brutal on the road this season, and unless they pick up the road pace, they could slip into the play-in zone.

The rest of the standings are about as impossible to guess as it gets, although you have to say that the Oklahoma Thunder could make their way into the top 6 if the Warriors falter. They have won 7 of their last 10, and if they can maintain that pace, they will climb out of the play-in zone and into the top 6.

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