NFL 2021 Win/Loss Odds Analysis and Betting Prediction For Cleveland Browns

NFL 2021 Win/Loss Odds Analysis and Betting Prediction For Cleveland Browns

It seems crazy to start thinking about fall when we are enjoying the lazy days of summer, but when you are a fan of football, it just seems like the right thing to do. We are now just about a month away from the opening of NFL training camps, so it will not be too long before the preseason begins, and thoughts of the Super Bowl begin to take hold. For now, we can look at the schedule and start thinking about how the season might play out. This is essential for bettors who like to put their money on the win totals posted for each team. These numbers might change in the coming weeks, so please be aware of that before placing your bets. With that being said, let’s take a look at the win totals odds for the Cleveland Browns so you can plan your bets against their NFL Team Totals odds.

Cleveland Browns Odds Analysis and Betting Prediction for the 2021-22 Season

Browns Divisional and Playoff Chances

The AFC North was one of the strongest divisions in football last season, with 3 teams finishing with 11 or more wins. The Cleveland Browns ended up finishing 3rd in the division with an 11-5 record, which was good enough to get them into the Wild Card, where they stunned the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road. That was as far as they would go in the postseason, but it was a massive breakthrough for a team that had struggled for so very long. This season, they have to be considered a favorite to win the division, especially since there is a feeling that the Steelers, who are in some cap trouble, might take a bit of a step back.

The bookies have the Ravens in as favorites to win the AFC North, but the Browns are not that far behind and are in at +140.

Browns 2021 Schedule and Win Total

As we already mentioned, the Browns went a pretty solid 11-5 last season, but that being said, there are still question marks about the long term viability of Baker Mayfield as the QB. The offense should be okay, though, while the Browns went out of their way to bolster the defense during this offseason.

The opening game of the season will see the Browns get a stern test, as they will open up on the road against the Kansas City Chiefs. If they can win there, it will set the tone for the rest of the season. if they lose, though, they can tale solace in the fact that they have a winnable stretch of games next, with the Texans, Bears, and Vikings all on deck. Realistically, this team could easily be 3-1 after the first month of the season. Where things get rough for the Browns is in Week 12, as they have a bunch of their closing games against divisional opponents. The homestretch run could well decide how they end up in the North.

The number that is posted for the Browns right now is 9 ½ wins, but I have a feeling that it might end up going a little higher than that before the season begins. If you can get them at that total, I would jump all over it, as I believe that Cleveland is going to be good for 11-13 wins this season.


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