NFL AFC North Team Totals Betting Predictions: O/U Picks for the 2023 Season

NFL AFC North Team Totals Betting Predictions: O/U Picks for the 2023 Season

Now, this is a division to be excited about. The AFC North has all the storylines to it. The division sees really good talent from top to bottom. 

The division also has historic teams and rivalries, which will spice up the 2023 season.

Let’s take a look at our AFC North Team Totals betting predictions.


AFC North Team Totals Betting Predictions: O/U Picks | MyBookie Regular Season Preview

National Football Conference Southern Division | AFC North
Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, and Pittsburgh Steelers


Pittsburgh Steelers

Regular Season Wins: 8.5
Quarterback: Kenny Pickett
Head coach: Mike Tomlin

The Steelers are going with Kenny Pickett as their starting quarterback. Mike Tomlin is going to be ready for this season, as he is not ready for another miss of the playoffs. But do the Steelers have the talent to get it done? Pittsburgh plays some of the worst teams in the league this season, so there is a chance at the OVER here.

If Pittsburgh can figure out how to keep Pickett upright and run the ball effectively, they can win nine games. Let’s get them to 9 and take the OVER 8.5.

AFC North Win Total Pick: 8.5 | Bet Steelers Win Totals
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Cleveland Browns

Regular Season Wins: 9.5
Quarterback: Deshaun Watson
Head coach: Kevin Stefanski

What can the Browns do with DeShaun Watson for a full season? We are set to find that out in 2023.

Watson and the Browns will find out right away, as three of their first four games are divisional games. The Browns will also use Nick Chubb early and often, as they can’t lose sight of the fact he is the toughest running back in the league.

Cleveland has a relatively soft late portion of the schedule, so look for them to be close to this number. In the end, nine wins seem about right for the Browns. Take the UNDER.

AFC North Win Total Pick: 9.5 | Bet Browns Win Totals
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Baltimore Ravens

Regular Season Wins: 10.5
Quarterback: Lamar Jackson
Head coach: John Harbaugh

2023 is the season to buy all the stock in the Baltimore Ravens. Lamar Jackson got paid and is going to be motivated to show how elite he is.

This is an MVP-type season for Jackson. The quarterback will see an easier schedule than some of the other top AFC teams, and he is looking to take advantage of that.

Look for Jackson to improve upon his passing of a season ago, but continue to run the football down opponents’ throats. This is an over. If we had to predict, we are taking Baltimore for 12 wins in 2023.

AFC North Win Total Pick: 10.5 | Bet Ravens Win Totals
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Cincinnati Bengals

Regular Season Wins: 10.5
Quarterback: Joe Burrow
Head coach: Zac Taylor

This is an interesting one because the loss of Joe Burrow would make this an easy prediction to make.

Burrow should be back for the start of the regular season, but there is no guarantee on that one. The Bengals have a tough schedule that sees them take on numerous top teams in the league.

Burrow and Chase should make for a great combination all year long. This is close. This is a team that could go 10-7 or could be 11-6/12-5. In the end, taking the UNDER is probably the safe choice; if there is an early Burrow injury, it seems like shaky news.

AFC North Win Total Pick: 10.5 | Bet Bengals Win Totals
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2023 NFL Calendar by Week


2022 AFC North Division Standings

Cincinnati Bengals 12 4 0 .750 6-1 6-3 3-3 8-3 418 322 +96 W8
Cleveland Browns 10 7 0 .588 5-3 5-4 3-3 6-6 350 315 +35 L2
Pittsburgh Steelers 9 8 0 .529 4-4 5-4 3-3 5-7 308 346 -38 W4
Baltimore Ravens 7 10 0 .412 4-4 3-6 3-3 4-8 361 381 -20 L1

There it is! Those are our AFC North team totals betting predictions: Over/Under picks. It will be fun to follow this division along from Game 1 to the end. The division will be wild and crazy, with surprising results and fun finishes.

We hope you enjoyed our look at the NFL: Ranking starting quarterbacks in the AFC North Division, and good luck with all your NFL betting in 2023! Best of luck, and enjoy!


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