Best 2022 NFL Rivalry Games to Bet On: Top NFC Conference Matchups for the Season

Best 2022 NFL Rivalry Games to Bet On: Top NFC Conference Matchups for the Season

The new NFL season is almost upon us and there are a handful of teams in each conference who you could potentially feel pretty good about making a deep run this season. That said, we usually see a dark horse or two emerge, as well as an early season favorite underperform. In terms of the NFC, the question is whether the LA Rams can make another great run and win another championship. It’s tough to do and there are a few teams in the conference who are going to have a big say on how things go. Let’s look ahead to the season schedule to find the biggest games involving NFC rivals so you can get ready to make your bets against their NLF Betting Lines.

Biggest NFC Rivalry Games in the 2022 Calendar | NFL Betting

Week 1 – Buccaneers at Cowboys

We all thought that this season would be one without Tom Brady, but just 40 days after announcing his retirement, he made it known that he was in fact coming back. The Buccaneers will have a tough test in the opening week of the season, heading on the road to face the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night.

Week 3 – Rams at Cardinals

Over the past couple of seasons, we have seen the Arizona Cardinals get off to a fast start, only to fade in the second half of the season and the playoffs. This, though, is a good team and they will almost certainly be pushing to knock the Rams out of the top spot in the division and the NFC,

Week 4 – Rams at 49ers

This was the matchup that we saw in the NFC Conference Championship Game last season, with the expectation being that both of these teams will be in the hunt to make another deep run this time around. This season, though, expect to see Trey Lance under center for the 49ers, as Jimmy G is still expected to move on.

Week 7 – Saints at Cardinals

Last season, the Saints looked good with Jameis Winston as their QB, but an injury saw his season come to an early end. He will be back and trying to lead the Saints to the promised land. They will get a stern test in Week 7 when they hit the road to go and face the Arizona Cardinals.

Week 9 – Rams at Buccaneers

Could we potentially be looking at a Conference Championship preview with this one? The Rams are loaded again, and this might well and truly be the final season for Tom Brady. We know that Brady will want to go out as a winner, so this should be an entertaining one to watch and wager on.

Week 11 – Cowboys at Vikings

There are a couple of teams in the NFC who look as though they are going to be the class of the conference, but there are a bunch who are not that far off the pace. The battle for playoff spots is going to be crazy, with both of these teams expected to be in the hunt. Good teams are going to miss out, so these rivalry games are important.

Week 15 – Packers at Rams

This is another one that could potentially be a Conference Championship Game matchup. We know all about the Rams, and while there are some concerns about the receivers group in Green Bay with Davante Adams gone, they do still have Aaron Rodgers under center.


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