NFL Rumors & News What Will Aaron Rodgers Do Next

NFL Rumors & News: What Will Aaron Rodgers Do Next?

Written by on January 28, 2021

The Super Bowl is now a little over a week away, so it is perhaps no surprise that it is dominating most of the NFL headlines. There are, though, some great rumors starting to swirl, with free agency and the draft now on the minds of every team outside of Kanas City and Tampa Bay. Those two teams are where every other team wants to be, which means making changes in hopes of improving and getting ready for next season. There are a couple of very big names being floated right now in trade rumors, which is where we are going to begin. Let’s jump right into action so can keep betting against their NFL odds.

NFL Rumors & Betting News January 28th Edition

After losing in the NFC Championship Game last weekend, Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers made it clear that he had no idea what his future might hold. Rodgers is definitely not retiring, so this story is all about where he will eventually land. Packers head coach Matt LaFleur is saying all the right things and hoping that his QB is back in the fold, but does Rodgers want to be there? If Rodgers does bolt, he would almost certainly want to be with a team ready to compete. The San Francisco 49ers look like a potential fit, as do the Indianapolis Colts. This is definitely one to watch.

Another QB with an uncertain future is DeShaun Watson of the Houston Texans. He has already made it clear that he wants out, as his relationship with the front office appears to be beyond repair at this point. There has been talk about Watson moving to Miami to play with the Dolphins, mostly because of the tax situation there, but the latest rumors have the New York Jets in as a potential suitor. Perhaps not the ideal landing spot, but the idea of playing in the Big Apple may be one that appeals to Watson.

There are going to be a lot of QB’s on the move this offseason, with Matthew Stafford and Derek Carr two more who might potentially be looking at moving on. While some teams are going to be in the market for veteran replacement, a few more will be looking at the draft. The Jaguars are taking Trevor Lawrence, but the Lions and Broncos are a pair of teams who might go the draft route to get someone new under center. Many of the latest mock drafts have Trey Lance as the QB as the heir apparent to Stafford in Detroit.

While much of the chatter about the Super Bowl is about Tom Brady making it to his 10th, there are some who are now looking at the New England Patriots and wondering what Kraft and Belichick must be thinking at this point. One man who thinks that the legendary coach may be on a “little bit of a hot seat” is Tom Brady Sr. While Belichick’s position looks safe after what he had done for the Patriots over the years, will it remain that way if the Patriots have another poor season this year?

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