Golfer, Group Matchup & Future Betting Explained

Golfer, Group Matchup & Future Betting Explained

To novice golf betting enthusiasts, placing wagers on golf tournaments and events may sound complicated, but as soon as you learn the basics of PGA Golf odds, the wagering options and the particulars of different golf courses; enjoying success from golf betting sportsbooks can be easily guaranteed. In this article, we will be offering you some helpful online betting golf tips to assist you when betting on specific golfers to win an event to wagering on “the field”, which essentially refers to betting on a collection of the golfers.

Lets Get Into Explaining Golfer Matchups, Group Matchup Betting and Future Betting

Golfer Matchups

Golfer matchups, also known as head to head golf wagering, refers to the types of bets where Oddsmakers pairs up two golfers in an event or tournament to compete against each other. The Sportsbooks usually offer money line odds for each of the two golfers, with one of them being listed as the favorite and the other as the underdog. For you to win a golfer matchup bet, you need to select who will finish the tournament ahead of the other golfer listed in the matchup.

Example: Phil Mickelson -130, Tiger Woods +120

Group Matchup Betting

Group matchup betting is nearly the same to golfer matchup betting, but rather than having a single head to head matchup, the group matchup betting option usually creates a pool consisting of three or more golfers competing against each other.

Example: Justin Rose +100, Phil Mickelson +120, Tiger Woods +170

Future Bet

Simply put, a future bet is a wager made on an event or tournament which is set to happen sometime in the future. For you to win a future bet, you must correctly predict how the set scenarios are likely to play out.


How many Major Titles will Jordan Spieth win in 2016?

  • 0 – 20/1
  • 1 – 10/1
  • 2 – 7/1
  • 3 – 20/1
  • 4 – 30/1

In order to encourage success in golfer matchups, group matchups and future betting; you should ensure that you do adequate research on the golfers, past betting trends and golf courses that are guaranteed to provide you the best clues for the best odds.