Is Betting on Huge Underdogs a Good Strategy

Is Betting on Huge Underdogs a Good Strategy?

-Favorite or underdog? That’s the dilemma online Sportsbettors have to go through anytime they want to place their wagers on a team or an athlete. And often times, favorites get to picked most of the time, either because they are very good or sometimes ‘coz the Oddsmakers deem them as strong thus making them look appealing. However, if you have been betting for a while, you will soon realize that underdogs are just a good value to wager on like the favorites, as long as your bets are done the right way.

Is Betting on Huge Underdogs a Good Strategy?


When is it Right to Bet on An Underdog?

Misrepresented Odds: Every so often, you will find that the sportsbetting odds are severely skewed towards the underdog, like giving them a 20 percent chance to win when the reality on the ground is that there is a 40 or 50 chance. In such an instance, betting on the underdog for a win or at least a cover of the spread is duly warranted. Obviously, you lose some bets and win some, but the same story goes for favorites who can also win or lose at any given time.

Good Betting Trends: By looking at the betting history of two teams, you can easily find betting trends or statistics to support betting on an underdog. For example, Team A may be a home underdog against Team B, but the underdog team is good at covering the spread at home. If the odds are looking good enough to bet on the underdog, this is another instance you may want to put your money on puppies.

Inconsistent Favorite vs. Strong Underdog: When a team that is favored to win is known for being inconsistency or is facing a slump at the time, yet is playing against an underdog that has proven the ability to step up their game against strong teams; it may be time for you to consider wagering on the underdog.

Streaky Underdog: In sports such as the NFL, soccer and college basketball, teams tend to be very streaky. If you find an underdog that is on a winning streak and they are playing against a favorite team that has been playing averagely or poorly, it could be a signal for you to bet on the underdog.

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How to Bet on Huge Underdogs in a Smart Way

Never Bet High on a Huge Underdog: For a team to be placed as a huge underdog in the sportsbetting odds, chances are that there is something wrong with the dog, so if you bank a huge amount of money on the underdog, you risk losing in a big way, which is never advisable. In short, when the risk is too high than the potential payout, keep off the odds.

Study The Huge Underdog: Over time, you will start noticing the strengths and weaknesses of different teams. Once you are empowered with such knowledge, you can apply it relevantly to know when it is best to bet or keep away from the huge underdog.

Don’t Buy What the Betting Public is Selling: If you are into the business of listening to what your so-called pundits are saying about certain underdogs, then you are guaranteed to make tons of mistakes and lose big severally. This is based on the fact that a lot of people out there just bet on team names and players without having an idea of what they are getting into. It is okay to read and learn about what others are saying, but ensure that you do your own in-depth research to have a clear picture of what is to happen in the sportsbetting lines.

Bet on the Right Matches: Don’t just rush to any line and place a wager on a huge underdog just because the odds are appealing and the potential payout is big. Take your time and shop for the best underdogs, and then do a thorough research and only bet on a team that feels right enough to risk on.

Final Remarks

At the end of the day, betting on a huge underdog is a strategy good as any other, but ensure that you take note of the above-given pointers in order to minimize your betting risks and increase your chances of winning.