Future Bets: What Are They and How To Bet Future Lines

As suggested by the name, future bets are basically wagers on events that are set to take place in the future, either after a series of games or for lone events that will take place in the coming days, weeks, or months. This means that a future bet can be anything from a team or player winning a tournament to clinching a divisional or league championship. Total bets such a how many games a team will win in a given season and prop bets like the MVP Award, number of goals or runs scored in a season and other related wagers are also part and parcel of future bets.

In Depth Analysis On The Understanding Of Future Bets


Understanding the Nature of Future Bet

In most cases, the bookmakers (online or otherwise) usually release the betting odds and lines for the upcoming events from as early as the preseason, and then they update the odds progressively based on the performances or results of teams and players once the season begins. Issues such as suspensions and injuries can also lead to changes in the future sportsbetting lines.

The popularity and fun that comes with wagering on future bets guarantees you to find a wide range of future betting options and opportunities for just about every sport in the world, depending on your bookmaker.

Sampling Future Bets

Soccer: Soccer, also commonly known outside America as football, is arguably the most popular sport in the world, and that mean thousands of opportunities for soccer betting enthusiasts. The most commonly posted are the European Leagues—such as the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and UEFA Champions League—and periodic soccer events such as the Olympics and World Cup. The sportsbetting lines for such events mostly revolve around who will win a given tournament, the number of goals that will be scored by players and who will emerge as the best player in order to win awards such as the FIFA Ballon D’Or.

Example: Odds to Win the 2016 FIFA Ballon D’Or

  • Cristiano Ronaldo (-120)
  • Lionel Messi (-150)
  • Neymar Jr. (-250)
  • Luis Suarez (-25)

Baseball: In baseball, particularly the MLB which is the ultimate baseball competition in the world, future betting lines are normally offered on player props as the MVP of a tournament, the best pitcher (for consideration in awards such as the Cy Young) and the best hitter. Of course, odds are also released for winner of various divisions, conferences and leagues as well.

Example: Odds to win the 2016 World Series

  • Chicago Cubs (-190)
  • Cleveland Indians (+150)

Basketball: From the NBA to country-based and region-based competitions, basketball offers plenty of future betting opportunities for basketball gamblers. Just like baseball, the focus here is mostly on individual achievements by players (best offensive player, best defensive player and MVP award) and winners of the divisions, conferences, leagues and tournaments.

Odds for the 2016 Regular Season NBA MVP Award

  • Stephen Curry (+100)
  • LeBron James (+120)
  • Kevin Durant (+150)
  • Russell Westbrook (+170)
  • Kawhi Leonard (+170)
  • Damian Lillard (+200)

American Football: As the most-loved sport in America, American Football attracts millions of bettors who can bet on thousands of future bets and props. The Super Bowl is obviously the ultimate prize in America Football, but winning the Heisman Trophy in college football, making the newly-established college football playoffs, and winning the divisions and conferences in the NFL as well as taking individual accolades such as Rookie Offensive Player of the Year and Most Passing Yards in the nation are just as popular.

Example: Odds to Win Super Bowl LI

  • New England Patriots (+300)
  • Minnesota Vikings (+700)
  • Seattle Seahawks (+750)
  • Dallas Cowboys (+1000)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (+1200)

Other Future Bets: Besides the aforementioned examples, as well as other existing future bets available for sports such a hockey, cricket and tennis; we have other non-sports future bets that can come with good rewards for you. This includes political bets (like on the USA Presidential Elections) and entertainment props (like shows as such as American Idol and Dancing with the Stars). As long as you are empowered with sufficient knowledge and a disciplined betting acumen, you can easily profit from these types of future bets, so don’t shy from trying your hand in them.

Conclusion on Future Bets

Given the extensive nature of future bets, it is highly recommended that you do proper research before placing your bets. Betting trends and past statistics are extremely important for your success here, but don’t forget to consider other factor that most recreational bettors often ignore—like a player’s tendency to get injured, the impact of age and experience on a player/team’s performance and how often a player gets into trouble with suspensions and all. And, above everything, always ensure that you ONLY place bets in prove sportsbooks that have good track records of being in business and operating reliably rather than banking your money on these so-so and new books that can easily swindle you of your money.