Ways To Bet Tennis

Tennis is one of those rare one-on-one sports in a world dominated by team sports. Due to its popularity, a lot of people place wagers on the outcome of tennis matches, which makes the events even more fun to watch.

If you are new to betting on tennis matches, there are plenty of ways to make some money on the outcomes of the games, and they are all very easy to learn. Here’s a useful betting guide with the most popular ways to do so.

Match Betting

This is the most commonly used method of betting on tennis matches because it allows you to pick the winner of a match using a money line. This is similar to picking a team to win a game in sports like football or basketball. When you want to bet on a match, the favorite is indicated by a minus sign, and the underdog is indicated by a positive sign, an example of which is given below.

  • Andy Murray +200
  • Roger Federer -140

This means that if you place $100 on Andy Murray, and he wins the match, you will win $200. If you pick Roger Federer to win, you have to spend $140 to win $100.


Tennis is a sport in which some players are overwhelming favorites, which makes it difficult to make a lot of money when you pick them to win individual matches. You might want to avoid betting on the tournament favorites in the early rounds, because you will likely have to spend over a lot of money in order to win a lot less.

Tennis Set Betting

Set betting in tennis is a popular alternative to picking which player will win a match, but it is also very risky. This type of betting is similar to the soccer bet where you have to predict the exact score of the match. In this case, you also have to predict the exact outcome of the game, and if you incorrectly predict any of the sets, you lose the wager. As expected, this high risk bet has high rewards.

Proposition Bets

Proposition bets, also referred to as prop bets, provide an alternative way to bet on tennis without having to bet on the outcome of a match or tournament. Unlike some other sports, tennis tends to have a lot of prop bets. Some of the types include predicting how many sets a match will go, guessing the exact score of a set, predicting whether a player will finish ahead of another player in a specific tournament, or predicting if a match will go over or under a certain amount of games.


Parlay Bets

Parlay bets are a combination of wagers that can lead to very big payouts if all your wagers win. In tennis, you can combine your match wager with a prop and other various bets in order to sweeten the pot, but you should remember that you don’t win anything unless every one of the wagers you have on the parlay wins.

Future Bets

Future bets provide you with the opportunity to place bets on future events, these events usually have better odds depending on how far into the future they are. Some of the future bets that can be placed on tennis include picking the winner of a future event like Wimbledon, or how many Grand Slam tournaments a certain player will win next year.

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