JUN 05 - 5 Winning Tips For Betting On Tennis

5 Winning Tips For Betting On Tennis

With the 2017 French Open rolling right along and both, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open, quickly approaching, now is the perfect time for some expert tennis betting tips that will help you maximize your chances of cashing in on all of your racket wagers whether it’s a grand slam major or not.

A Closer Look At The 5 Winning Tips For Betting On Tennis


Check the Draw

The First thing you need to do is check the draw. By doing this, you’ll be able to get the process started of identifying where the majority of value will lie, not only in the first round, but likely into the third round, barring any major upsets. However, it’s also bit important to not look too far ahead in the draw if only because those upsets I just mentioned can and will occur as they do each and every year.

Find the ‘Safe’ Value Early

After checking the draw, you need to find the ‘safe’ vale early on, although it’s likely going to cost you a pretty penny to bet a huge favorite against his far lesser opponent in the opener. Still, if you’re looking for a virtual lock in sports betting, bet one of the top 10 players in one of their first two tourney matches.

Look for Legitimate Upsets

After looking for that safe value, you need to look for some potentially bankroll-boosting value in the form of players with legitimate upset potential. Thinks about young players that are on the verge of breakouts or older players that are in a fierce comeback kind of mindset. Look for underdogs maybe playing on their favorite surface against a slightly favored opponent that struggles on that same surface. If you can find players that are likely to pull off an upset or two, you could potentially increase your tennis betting bankroll significantly.

  Surface Purpose  

Surface Purpose

The first thing you need to do if you’re betting on tennis is to simply bet against all of the Americans once the annual clay court season gets started. All jokes aside, you need to know which surface the tournament you’re betting on is being played on and more importantly, how each player involved performs on the surface you’re betting on. For instance, American John Isner is a monster on the hard courts in the U.S. because of its fast pace and high-bouncing balls, he’s also a terrible bet on the slow clay courts because of his lack of mobility and lack of shot diversity. Know the surface you’re betting on and how each player in the match you’re betting on performs on that surface and you’ll be much better off with all of your future tennis wagers.


Check out the complete head-to-head meetings of both players involved and make sure you go in-depth to look at the surface those meetings took place on as well as the outcome of each meetings. Fr instance, let’s say that Thomas Berdych has a 4-1 career mark against David Ferrer on hard courts but is just 1-9 against The Pit Bull on clay and you’re betting on them in the midst of the clay court season at Madrid.

Let’s also say that Berdych is a red-hot 20-4 at the time of the meeting while Ferrer has struggled in going 13-9 up to that point and is a slight underdog in Madrid because of it. Well, if you looked at the head-to-head meetings and know each player’s favorite surface, then you’d know that Ferrer, even as an underdog pick in this hypothetical matchup, is offering great value because of dominance over Berdych on clay. Make sure you know your head-to-head stats people.