NFL 2021 New England Patriots Betting Options Analysis

NFL 2021 New England Patriots Betting Options Analysis

Since arriving in the NFL, we have all sat back and marveled at just how good Tom Brady has been in his career. Last offseason, the New England Patriots decided to part ways with Brady in a move that backfired spectacularly. While the patriots stumbled their way to a 7-9 season, Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rode all the way to a Super Bowl. This season is all about getting back to winning ways for the Patriots, who underwent a losing season for the first time since 2020. They have certainly been active this offseason, but will the moves they made be enough to get them back into the playoffs? Let’s take a closer look at the upcoming season for the New England Patriots so you can plan your bets against their NFL odds.

New England Patriots 2021 Season Options to Bet On

Patriots Divisional & Playoff Chances

Last season, it was Cam Newton who was given the unenviable task of replacing Tom Brady under center for the New England Patriots. Things did not go well at all, and while Newton took a lot of the heat for a disappointing season, the fact of the matter was that he did not have a lot of weapons at his disposal. He is expected to start again this season, but he will likely be on a short leash after the Patriots traded up to get Mac Jones in the draft. As it stands at the moment, New England is +300 to win the AFC East, which has them as 2nd favorite alongside the Miami Dolphins.

If the Patriots are to make it back to the playoffs this season, they are probably going to need to get in via the Wild Card. The Buffalo Bills are the class of the division and don’t seem likely to give up that top spot too easily. The Bookies see the Patriots making the playoffs as a bit of a coin flip, with the YES at -110 and the NO at -120. As far as the bigger picture goes, the Patriots are +1200 to win the division and +2000 to win the Super Bowl, so definitely in the longshot category there.

Patriots Regular Season Win Total

With games against the Dolphins and Jets in the opening two weeks of the season, the Patriots have a shot at putting themselves in a good spot in the division. They are probably going to need those wins, as it is the Saints and Buccaneers on the schedule right after that. From that point forward, they have a very manageable schedule all the way through to Week 10, when they will face the Cleveland Browns.

The homestretch of the season may well be the toughest, as New England will face the Bills twice, as well as the Titans and Colts. It could be the final few weeks of the season that decide whether or not the Patriots will be in the playoffs this season. The schedule is pretty much in their favor overall, though, so they look like a good pick to finish 2nd in the East.

Given that schedule, the 9 ½ win total that is currently on the board looks like they could quite possibly go OVER. That said, much of their success will depend on how things go at QB. If Newton struggles again and they have to bring in the rookie, then all bets might well be off.

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