NFL NFC South Betting Odds & Picks for the 2021 Season

NFL NFC South Betting Odds & Picks for the 2021 Season

In July, teams head to training camp to prepare for the 2021 – 2022 National Football League Season. Current Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay plays in the NFC South. Although Tampa is a solid favorite to win the South, the Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints both believe they have what it takes to win the division along with picks. Check out NFC South Division odds and picks.

2021 NFL Betting Odds & Picks for the NFC South Division

2021 NFL Regular Season

  • When: Sep. 9 – Jan. 9

NFL Odds for NFC South

Are the Buccaneers a lock to win the NFC South?

On paper, it seems that way. The Buccaneers beat the Chiefs last season to win Super Bowl 55. Also, Tampa Bay upset the New Orleans Saints, their biggest competition to win the division, in last season’s playoffs.

Not only that, but Tampa Bay landed the 29th easiest schedule in the league. How is that possible? 

Without getting into the weeds, the NFL determines schedules based on a round-robin type system. So this season, the Bucs, Saints, Panthers, and Falcons play teams in the NFC East and AFC East. 

But the easy schedule isn’t the only reason most consider Tampa Bay a lock to win the division. The Buccaneers should field one of the best defenses in the league, which makes Tampa a fair, not underlay, but the fair choice at -200.

Tampa is the top choice. Which team is the second choice? We can write off Atlanta’s chances. The Falcons started their rebuild the moment they traded Julio Jones. The offense should be decent but it was decent last season and Atlanta won 4 games.

The Carolina Panthers will be better, but there’s no telling how well Sam Darnold performs at quarterback. Yes, it seems the New York Jets never gave Darnold a real shot. But we won’t know if that’s true unless Darnold picks up his game in Charlotte. 

If we write off the Panthers and Falcons, we’re left with the New Orleans Saints. Are the Saints good enough to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and win the division? Maybe.

New Orleans dusted Tampa twice last season. New Orleans beat Tampa 38-3 in the first head-to-head. The Saints bested Brady and the Bucs 34-23 in the second matchup

The knock against the Saints is how Jameis Winston, or Taysom Hill, or both must replace Drew Brees at quarterback. But if Sean Payton helps Winston take care of the football, he could employ Hill like he has the past few seasons. That makes the Saints’ offense as strong, if not stronger, than Tampa’s.

Because New Orleans has a legitimate shot to beat Tampa and win the division, they’re the top choice. The odds are much better on the Saints than the Bucs. Let’s keep Tampa as the second choice. Neither the Falcons nor Panthers look strong enough to win the NFC South.   

NFC South Top Choice: New Orleans Saints 

NFC South Second Choice: Tampa Bay Buccaneers  

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