NFL Playoffs Betting Odds & Predictions: Possible Scenarios

NFL Playoffs Betting Odds & Predictions: Possible Scenarios

There are several different ways to win big money with the NFL playoffs Odds. One of them is to go on a roll and basically pick the winner of every game from start to finish, which is far from the easiest path to bankroll building. This is especially true when you consider that we generally always see upsets along the way in any given playoff run. Another way is to look for active longshots and stick to them, or to focus on a dark horse team and get your money on them now at the best odds possible. I think there are some very good options when going with that latter scenario, which is what we are going to look at here.

Longshots and Dark Horses: Looking for Betting Opportunities to Win Big | NFL Betting

As we mentioned, there are a few interesting picks that could well put a little extra money in your pocket once the Lombardi Trophy is hoisted next month. While you could still make a decent amount by simply backing one of the favorites to win it all, this season feels like it is tighter than ever in terms of parity, which leads me to believe that someone could come out of the pack and go on a run. Let’s take a look at some of those options.

Right now, you would have to say that the sexy pick is the Cincinnati Bengals, who are actually better placed this season than they were last year, when they went on a run that took them to the Super Bowl, only to fall short. They are currently at odds of +740 and seem to have the number of the Kansas City Chiefs. They were also up on the Bills before that game was suspended, so they can certainly go toe-to-toe with the top teams in the AFC. They have also found their groove and have won 7 in a row. It really does feel like a perfect storm for the Bengals.

With their big win over the Philadelphia Eagles a couple of weeks ago, the Dallas Cowboys (+1025) served notice that they are in it to win it. Sure, you could argue that they got that win playing against a backup QB, as Jalen Hurts was out for that game, but it was a big win, nonetheless. The concern with the Cowboys is that they have been just okay on the road, which is where they are likely going to need to go as they make their way through the postseason. They look likely to face Tampa, a very winnable game, in the Wild Card, and could get some momentum going there.

Speaking of momentum, we need to talk about the Green Bay Packers. This is a team that most people, myself included, had written off about halfway through the season. They have very quietly got it together and gone on a run that now has them in control of their own destiny. The Packers (+2900) have won 4 in a row and will nab the #7 seed with a win over Detroit this weekend. We have seen teams get on this type of run before and carry it over into the playoffs, so why not the Packers?


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