NFL Rumors & News: DeShaun Watson Ongoing Saga

NFL Rumors & News: DeShaun Watson Ongoing Saga

Written by on March 9, 2021

We are now just a week away from the beginning of free agency in the NFL and what will likely be the start of a rather crazy month or two in the league. Free agency is always a bit of a wild ride, but what makes this season so intriguing is that we are expecting to see a lot of quarterbacks on the move. If the QB carousel does start spinning on March 17, then that may have an impact on the draft in April. With that in mind, it is perhaps no real surprise that most of the news is about potential moves and the costs at which they might come. Let’s get right to it so you can keep making your bets against their NFL odds.

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Two QBs who will not be on the move are Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys. Both signed news deals over the past few days that will keep them with their respective clubs. This is likely going to be the last year for Big Ben, who took a pay cut to help get the Steelers close to cap compliance. For Prescott, his deal will ensure that he does not get the franchise tag again, while being a deal that both sides can very comfortably live with.

One place where things do not look particularly comfortable at the moment is in Seattle. The Russell Wilson saga took another twist when it was revealed that the Chicago Bears might be willing to put a substantial trade deal on the table. This whole story came back to life when Wilson named 4 teams that he would be willing to accept a trade to, with the Bears being one of them. The most obvious move would see Khalil Mack and a couple of draft picks go to Seattle, but that would still leave the Bears with some cap issues. The rumor is that they are working hard to crunch the numbers and make things work.

One of the most compelling ongoing sagas is in Houston, where DeShaun Watson seems bound and determined to force his way out. He has allegedly told the team that he will never play for them again, which is something that is now being verified by teammates. One of the rumors that is now floating around is that the Texans might try to swing a swap deal with Arizona to bring Kyler Murray to Texas. It would be a bold move and one that Watson would probably be happy with, but what about Murray? Houston does not look like a franchise in a good place right now.

It’s not just QBs that are in high demand as free agency approaches, with TE Zach Ertz of the Philadelphia Eagles also heavily sought after. Rumor has it that several teams are in contact with the Eagles as they look to make a trade deal before free agency hits. Ertz has told the Eagles that he would sooner be released before free agency, assuming that a deal is not made prior to March 17.

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