Super Bowl LIV Matchups Odds, Predictions & Picks

Super Bowl LIV Matchups Odds, Predictions & Picks

Written by on July 16, 2019

One of the best props on which NFL handicappers can wager before the season starts is on Super Bowl LIV matchups. Odds are great on whichever matchup handicappers feel might happen. The odds are so good that some NFL bettors might want to play more than one Super Bowl LIV matchup. Check out 6 possible matchups that offer massive odds.

Super Bowl LIV Matchups Odds, Predictions & Picks

New Orleans Saints vs New England Patriots

  • Super Bowl LIV Odds: +1900

The Saints have been oh so close to the Super Bowl the past couple of seasons. Two seasons ago, a last second, miracle, play led to the loss to the Minnesota Vikings. Last season, a bad non-call led to losing to the L.A. Rams.

This season, New Orleans might be destined to make it to the Vince Lombardi game. Sean Payton and Drew Brees have their eyes on making another Super Bowl run. They can get there if the defense plays slightly better and Brees is as amazing in 2019 as he was in 2018.

If the Saints do make it, the Saints-Patriots matchup offers excellent odds at +1900. Plus, wouldn’t it be perfect for Super Bowl LIV to matchup a 41-year-old quarterback in Brees against a 42-year-old QB in Tom Brady?

L.A. Rams vs New England Patriots

  • Super Bowl LIV Odds: +1700

Sean McVeigh fully admits that he blew it against the New England Patriots. McVeigh took the blame for the Rams’ horrible 3-13 Super Bowl loss. That’s good news because it means McVeigh isn’t afraid of accountability, which means he’s switching things up this season.

If the Rams are as good this season as they were last season, they can win homefield. Why not match them up with the Patriots again? The AFC is deep, but the Patriots should be just as tough to deal with. Brady shows no signs of slowing down and the defense might be better in 2019.

Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots

  • Super Bowl LIV Odds: +3500

The Eagles have a great shot of returning to the Super Bowl. There are questions about Philadelphia’s defense. The entire unit was never fully healthy at any point last season, though. Not only that, but Philadelphia quarterback Carson Wentz should be one-hundred percent. Wentz can lean on one of the better running backs in the NFL, Jordan Howard.

If you like New England, you can pair the Pats with the Eagles at +3500. Good odds for a 2018 Super Bowl repeat matchup, right?

New Orleans Saints vs Kansas City Chiefs

  • Super Bowl LIV Odds: +2200

Saints-Chiefs could be a great matchup. Kansas City was a Tom Brady last few minutes’ drive away from making last season’s Super Bowl. The experience should make the Patrick Mahomes led team even hungrier for Vince Lombardi Trophy glory this season. If the Chiefs defense can get past losing both starting defensive ends from 2018 and their starting free safety, KC should make the playoffs and give Mahomes another shot at getting to the championship contest.

L.A. Rams vs Kansas City Chiefs

  • Super Bowl LIV Odds: +2000

Rams versus Chiefs is third choice on the board. For good reason! Both teams are led by very great quarterbacks, Jared Goff is under center for the Los Angeles Rams. Both have creative play-calling coaches, and both should have decent defenses.

Rams-Chiefs could happen.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Kansas City Chiefs

  • Super Bowl LIV Odds: +4100

So could Chiefs-Eagles. The key here will be how well both teams’ defenses play during the regular season. Philadelphia and Kansas City must garner homefield advantage to have the best shot of winning their respective conferences.

Chicago Bears Super Bowl Matchup Props

If you like the Chicago Bears to make the Super Bowl, they offer excellent odds in Super Bowl LIV matchups:

The same goes for the Indianapolis Colts, Los Angeles Chargers, or any team you believe can win the Super Bowl. The strategy is to pick the team you believe wins Super Bowl LIV. Then, play a few Super Bowl LIV Matchup prop wagers.