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Super Bowl LV Quarter Bets Expert Analysis

Written by on February 5, 2021

When it comes to sports betting, we all tend to focus on the final score, which is why most bettors wager on the outcome of the game. When you think about it, though, football is broken down into 4 smaller games, with teams trying to win each quarter on their way to winning the game. That said, you can have a team win three quarters and still lose the game when the opponent lights it up in the final quarter. Betting on the final score is great, but if you really want to spread your money around and cash come tickets throughout the Super Bowl, why not wager on each of the 4 quarters? We are going to take a look at the NFL Quarter odds to see where they are at for each of the quarters in the Super Bowl.

Not sure about the game… How about Quarter bets?

First Quarter

Will the Chiefs and the Buccaneers come out with all guns blazing, or will see them take a more tentative approach in the early going? Oftentimes, it takes a minute for players to get over their nerves and settle into the game, which might explain why the O/U for the opening quarter is set at just 10. The Chiefs are also in as a ½ point favorite. The Chiefs have averaged 5.6 PPG this season in the first quarter, but that has dropped to just 4.3 PPG over their last 3. The Buccaneers have remained pretty consistent, scoring 5.5 PPG in the first quarter and 5.3 in the playoffs.

Second Quarter

In the second quarter, the O/U jumps to 17 ½ and for very good reason. It has been the second quarter that has been good to both of these teams throughout the season in terms of offense. The Chiefs have averaged 10.2 PPG in the second quarter this season, but they save that average jump over their past three games, where they averaged 13.7 PPG. The Bucs averaged 10.2 PPG, but they climbed to 12.0 PPG in the playoffs. Given all of that, the OVER looks solid here. The Chiefs are favored by a ½ again, as they are in all 4 quarters.

Third Quarter

With the length of the half-time show at the Super Bowl, we often see teams take a minute to get back up to speed after the break. The point total for the third quarter is set at 10 ½, probably for that very reason. You also need to look at the third quarter stats for both teams over the past 3 games to see why the UNDER looks good here. The Chiefs have managed just 4.3 PPG in the third quarter in their last 3 games, while the Bucs have 4.7 PPG. Both of those numbers are a drop from what they delivered in the season overall.

Fourth Quarter

This is often where things really begin to open up, especially of one team is trailing and needs big offensive plays to get back into the game, just as the Kansas City Chiefs did in last year’s Super Bowl. On the flipside, a team that has a lead might slow the game down and run the ball more often, which could have an impact on the number of points scored, with the 4th quarter total set at 14 ½.  The Bucs have averaged 8.7 PPG over the last 3 games, while the Chiefs are down at 4.3 PPG during the same time, mostly because there were defending leads.

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