NFL 2021 Kansas City Chiefs Win/Loss Odds Analysis and Betting Prediction

NFL 2021 Kansas City Chiefs Win/Loss Odds Analysis and Betting Prediction

FOOTBALL. It’s still a few months away, but the summer is all about speculation. Which teams will continue to make moves, and which are content with what they have done? So much is still yet to happen, and a lot is to be determined.

The Kansas City Chiefs made another Super Bowl trip in 2020, but obviously did not win. Patrick Mahomes wasn’t nearly 100%, and the O-Line could not stop the Bucs. But now, we look ahead to their 2021 season. Let’s break it down and predict their record so you can plan your bets against their NFL Team Totals odds.

Kansas City Chiefs Win/Loss Betting Odds and Prediction for the 2021-22 Season


The over/under for KC this year is set at 12 wins. It’s important to remember that 17 games are being played in 2021 rather than the usual 16. It’s different than the norm, so things will be very different. .500 teams are now a thing of the past, so that is that. No more.

All Kansas City has been doing since hiring Andy Reid is winning. Alex Smith made them a winner, and Mahomes made them champs. And under contract for another decade, a healthy Pat means the team will be doing a lot of winning.

The most important thing they did was beef up the O-Line after it was very bad a season ago. They brought in Jerick McKinnon to add depth to the RB room. And they made sure to keep their solid D intact.

Health Comes First

With a shorter preseason and a longer season on tap for the season, it will be extra important to make sure guys take it easy on their buy week that the veterans don’t practice too hard all season. They will have their times where rest is needed, and times they have to push. Knowing the difference is critical.

With two matchups against the Rams and Las Vegas on tap, as usual, the divisional games will not be easy. They have a date with Green Bay. They will see the AFC North in four matchups that will all be tough, either because of the D or great QB play.

As long as their guys can get through the whole year, they should be just fine. It’s all about #15, really, and what he can bring to the table for 17 games.

How Many Games Will They Win?

The schedule will not be overly easy for KC, but with the guys they have, winning will remain at a premium. Mahomes will be firing darts to Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill every week. Those two guys command so much attention that the Mecole Hardman’s and the DeMarcus Robinson’s will still get looks.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire is ready to bust out in year two. The run game was a weakness in 2020 but should improve. And playing with full stadium crowds this year will make things even better for the team.

As for a projection, 12 wins is a good spot for them to be at. They will go 12-5. That expectation puts them at #1, just ahead of the defending champion Buccaneers. The offense is tremendous, the line will protect the QB, and the defense will do enough to get it done.


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