NFL Betting Rumors, Trades & News 49ers Could Cut Jimmy G, Sean Payton May or May Not Return

NFL Betting Rumors, Trades & News: 49ers Could Cut Jimmy G, Sean Payton May or May Not Return

In about a week, NFL training camps open for the 2022-2023 regular season. With about 7 days to go before the start of training camps, few rumors abound. One, though, involving San Francisco’s starting quarterback, is huge. Check out the latest NFL Betting news on Jimmy G, the suspension the NFL is likely to hand Deshaun Watson, a rumor regarding a retired former Super Bowl winning coach, and what’s going on with Arizona’s quarterback.

NFL Rumors, Trades, Free Agents & Betting News | July 20th Edition

2022-23 NFL Regular Season

  • When: Sep. 8, 2022 – Jan. 8, 2023

If no trading partner shows up, the 49ers may cut Jimmy G

The 49ers are desperate to trade Jimmy GQ. The Super Bowl quarterback enters training camp after recovering from shoulder surgery, which might be the reason so many teams are chilly on the signal-caller.

If the Niners don’t make a trade, rumor has it SF will dump last season’s starter. The problem is that Garoppolo is due to make $26.5 million this season. His cap hit is tremendous and SF must extend both Nick Bosa and Deebo Samuel.

Expect the 49ers to cut Jimmy. It makes no sense for SF to pay Garoppolo that amount of money when Deebo is so unhappy and Bosa could be gone after this season. 

Browns believe Watson’s suspension will be 8 games

Most NFL analysts believe the NFL will suspend Deshaun Watson 2 to 8 games. The Cleveland Browns are making plans for the high-end. 

A 2-game suspension is a sort of slap in the face to his accusers. An 8-game suspension signals the NFL took the allegations of sexual misconduct seriously and listened to Deshaun’s accusers. 

In Watson’s favor? No criminal charges and the Texans settling for their part in all of this. Still, Cleveland doesn’t want to take any chances.

One of the craziest rumors floating around is that the Browns will trade for 49ers’ quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and start Jimmy G. until Watson returns. 

Former Saints’ coach Sean Payton said he can’t predict when or where he will return

This rumor won’t affect the upcoming season, but, no doubt, there are fans for some NFL teams giddy with excitement. Sean Payton, one of the winningest coaches in NFL history, recently said he believes he’ll be an NFL coach again.

Payton also said he didn’t know when he’ll head back to league and he didn’t know where he’ll  end up. Three teams that appear to be on Sean’s radar are the Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Chargers, and Carolina Panthers.

If Payton returns to coaching in 2023, it will likely be with the Panthers. The Bolts and Cowboys are Super Bowl contenders. Both teams should make the playoffs and both have a real shot at winning their respective conference. 

Sean Payton is a great coach. But neither Jerry Jones, Dallas’ owner, nor Dean Spanos, who owns the Los Angeles Chargers, will want to rock the boat with a new coaching hire after a successful season.  

A week before training camps open and the Cardinals have yet to commit to Kyler Murray

Rumor has it, the Arizona Cardinals are about to help Kyler Murray take the next step from super rich to uber rich. 

Most believe the Desert Birds will hand Murray a super-max contract. But although the rumor is likely true, Arizona has yet to actually give Kyler a contract.

So what does that tell us? Maybe, it means nothing. Or it could mean the Cardinals want to unload their starter for pieces that help them win in the long run.

Arizona ended their season losing 6-of-10. The losses weren’t all Murray’s fault. But a few of the losses were pathetic. Zona had no business losing 30-12 to Detroit, 34-10 against Carolina, and 38-30 at home versus Seattle in week 18.

It’s apparent that the Cardinals don’t have a great defense, not when you make Jared Goff and P.J. Walker, he started for the Panthers, look like top-class signal-callers. If your Zona, do you really want to hand your undersized QB a max deal when your defense is lousy?

We’ll see what happens, but the rumor of a max contract may be a rumor.  


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